January 29, 2014

handcrafted balinese sea salt

omg that let it go was so awesome! I wish she sang it in indonesian too though lol. 
I didn’t ask my mom to buy sea salt, but she bought it for me!
it’s handcrafted balinese sea salt! it’s handcrafted! it’s made of 100% pure crystal sea salt! I only need it to clean my newly pierced belly……but this sea salt seems really classy LOL
but it’s coarse grain and not fine grain so I had to crush them on my own. but it dissolved pretty quickly when I pour it to water so i think I won’t crush them anymore for future uses. 
I’m not sleepy and I don’t know what time I have to wake up today. it’s almost 4am. I haven’t done the company timeline for tomorrow. I’ve only made a draft proposal as well. I hate my english prof -_-

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