January 10, 2014

food and the toothbrush

The title somewhat sounds like a movie. A really odd one though lol. I didn’t do much but the time since I woke up yesterday’s gone fast. I bought chips and then eat them with the cheese dip my mom bought 2 days ago.
I also bought mini chocolate oreo. Finally my own country version of mini oreo has been released! I used to buy the imported one and it’s expensive and I don’t buy it anymore ._.
and I had another healthy meal yesterday! a sunny side egg, grilled tempeh, red rice, and sambal! I just know that sambal in english is sambal too LOL
I think I’m gonna have these again today!
BTW, I bought a new toothbrush 2 days ago. I thought I get the soft one but it’s the medium one!!! I did get the soft one but then I look for another one because there’s some stain on that one -_- and now I have the medium one. I’m just glad that my gums didn’t bleed at all when using this for the first time since I’ve always used either extra soft or soft toothbrush……

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