January 7, 2014


I had entrepreneurship class today and I skip again because I knew 90% of my friends would be too lazy to come either. So I slept till 3pm again and I’m already getting sleepy now.
I had a very healthy dinner today and I’ve never felt not-hungry for a pretty long time.
I don’t get to be the public relation coor this year (or ever) but I don’t really mind it though because I don’t wanna be stressed for a whole year and my grades are pretty bad I think I should work on that first before all student org thingy. I know I was a pretty strong candidate but my grades are bad and if I couldn’t raise my gpa for this semester I must leave the student org. I know they wouldn’t put me in any position since there’s that risk. Congratulations for whoever they are that got promoted to be the coordinators may you all have a stressful life for the rest of the year and please work hard don’t let me get mad because I didn’t get to lead you guys.

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