January 14, 2014


I’ve been getting bad gateway from tumblr even when reblogging stuff :/
I didn’t go to campus either yesterday. My mom told me to stay at home because flood’s everywhere and she’s worried that my car wouldn’t be able to go through the flood ._. And I don’t have any classes tomorrow as well and I don’t know why lol. It’s good though. I can sleep early in the morning again today LOL.
I have a veeeery healthy dinner today. I wasn’t hungry though because I was eating snacks all day long lol.
I woke up at around 4pm. I actually woke up at 11am but my mom told me about the flood so I just go back to sleep lol. And I just knew there’s actually a substitute class on 11am ._. My sleeping time’s really messed up ._.
I made gifs of kento during the congratulations performance. When he shows the love symbol and make a heart shape by his hands. I used to think that love symbol was metal symbol ._.

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