January 10, 2014


I thought I skipped calculus class yesterday but that class was actually off! I decided to finally go to school today but I just know that that class is also off! So I don’t go to school at all this week! Perhaps it’s the only thing I’m glad for being a uni student lol. The professors don’t really care whether you go to their classes or not. My teachers in high school asked me questions every time I was absent and they just don’t believe my excuses anymore because I was absent pretty often. Luckily they just let it go~ lol. I guess I’m gonna sleep early in the morning and wake up late in the afternoon as always then.
Since I thought there’s a class tomorrow, so I cut my bangs which was already extremely long and annoying so it wouldn’t disturb me in class. But there’s no class in the end and my bangs turned out terrible! I hadn’t cut my own bangs for months and I somehow forget how to do it. It turned out super weird and freaky and I freak out. So I decided to cut my bangs straight and now I my bangs is straight…..although I can still somehow make it go right (as before). But it’s just like straight bangs with some space on the left -_-
why the front camera quality is really crappy…
and even crappier with my straight bangs…. I seriously look terrible with straight bangs ;____; I wish my forehead wasn’t that big so I wouldn’t look stupid with straight bangs…..
ok I look incredibly stupid with straight bangs on my face and I think I really need to re-dye my hair soon ._.

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