January 14, 2014

another holiday

My mom doesn’t go to office either so it mush be a public holiday. I google it and there’s this islamic holiday thingy today -_-
My country is mostly known because of bali, bombing terrorists, and the largest muslim population in a country (I think). Bali is good, lots of tourists go there, even though I don’t find the beach interesting though. It’s just so goddamn hot over there. I wanna go there again though ._. There’s also a chapel where I wish I’d get married there someday lol. I wasn’t even born as a christian/catholic. I was born as a muslim because my parents both were (now my mom isn’t). Now I’m not. I don’t have any religion right now and publicly say it to people. No one really does that in my country though. I wanna have one but I can’t find one that suit me. I only learned islam at school because that was my religion. I only know a little about other religions from my friends and the net. I never like being one though. I hate the ones who love their own religion so much and become annoying because of it. They give lots of shits to things even the unnecessary ones. Don’t they have something more important to take care of? I saw them as ridiculous people rather than people with a religion. I don’t care about them though. Whatever they do isn’t my business. Since it’s not the religion that I chose on my own, I grow to hate it through the years. I tried to hold on to that belief until high school but I just can’t accept it anymore so I quit. Although I’m not an atheist either. I somehow still believe in God though but more like . Not all people here have that religion tolerance thing especially those muslim. Some are really open, some don’t really care, and the rest are just too ridiculous. Even though I could tell my friends that I don’t have a religion, I just can’t tell it to my family except my mom. Especially my grandma and my dad. They both love their own religion too much and they’ll go mad and give me a long speech to have a religion. And I’m pretty sure I’ll hear it as a ridiculous speech. 

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