January 2, 2014

2014 so far

I just finished watching johnny’s countdown again! Thankfully someone’s shared it :3 I finally got to watch with much higher quality. I watched it live but with a really crappy quality, and I got disconnected a lot -_- So there’s a smap member(I think) who went to the countdown concert in the end. And 4 of kansai jr are gonna be debuted this year (including b.a.d members)……? I’m not sure though since I only know limited japanese words……. So the conclusion is, I really love this year JC!
My first meal for this year was, again, junk food, just like last year, KFC! A very unhealthy way to start a year lol. And I ate mcdonald’s today -_-
My dinner wasn’t bad though! I ate japanese food (again, just like last year) in the mall. It’s the first time I went to that japanese restaurant though.
I forget the name, and the taste wasn’t bad. I also had this salmon something……and it’s superb! Sooooo delicious!
and I also bought cakes from Champs Patisserie. It’s st. honore! They just sold this product recently and it’s my first time to eat it. It was gooooood! I thought it’d be heavy but it didn’t! It’s made of cream puff thingy stacked on each other, idk how to describe it LOL
and a mille crepe! I forget the name of this one though…. it’s a new variant. It consisted of oreo mille crepe, dark chocolate mille crepe, and vanilla mille crepe….. I love this too!
I also ate sour sally froyo yesterday. The green tea flavour is back! Yay!
and finally the awaited momusu dokkiri was aired! I’ve watched it and it’s just soooooo hilarious LOL. I’m still sad though they didn’t get to perform on NHK kouhaku uta gassen last year………

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