January 29, 2014

2 hurtful bleaching, 1 hurtful dyeing

I had entrepreneurship class yesterday and it was the last class for this semester. We did presentations about the entrepreneurship expo a few weeks ago. I talked a loooooot during the presentation which is amazing because I haven’t talked that much since the time I had to give presentation as a coordinator last year. I was talking about business environment for my group and I think the lecturer was somewhat satisfied with my presentation because I did research and stuff. Thanks so much for my art & design teacher in high school because he taught me to always research something before doing anything :3 He even somewhat offered me a job after the class was finished! He has this job opening for researching something for his company but I’m so fuckin busy with lots of assignments lately -_- 
Then I went to the salon to dye my hair since the roots got pretty noticeable. I wanted to dye my hair just as light as that girl I saw in tumblr. I really love her hair, it’s blonde but it’s not too light or too dark and it’s perfect and I love it lol. But the hairdresser who did my hair said my hair couldn’t go that light so I just told him to go as light as it could. And my hair turned to be liiighter than that tumblr girl’s hair -________-
So this was before the first bleaching
then after the first bleaching
and after the second bleaching which hurt so bad
and here’s my hair now!
I really think that it doesn’t really suit as my skin isn’t fair enough but my friends keep saying it’s good and yet my mom said “why is you hair soooo light” and that really break my confident -_- I was thinking to darken it with coffee tomorrow morning but my tumblr friends said it’s beautiful but I’m stiiiill not prepared for going to school tomorrow and having everyone’s staring at me because of my hair .____. but it’s really hurtful to get my hair this light which I actually love even though it’s not exactly the color I want but I don’t want it to be mentally hurtful as well when people stare at my hair……. seriously why do I live in this country?? ;______;
but I think the straight bangs kinda look good with this blonde hair….. but I hate that my skin isn’t that fair and my nose look so big and those fuckin puffy bags under my eyes why can’t you just go forever -_-

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