January 21, 2014

1st day

I went to campus for the first time this year!!! LOL. I skipped classes from 2 whole weeks. I didn’t sleep at all in the end. I had to wake up at 5:45am. It rained pretty hard this morning.
And it’s still raining when I was driving to school.
I was late ._. The traffic was a bit jammed so I look for another path. I just followed the path and I end up lost -_- And the path didn’t take me to the place I expected. I really wasted my time and I go back to the traffic jam at the end. But it wasn’t jammed anymore when I got back there so I was somewhat relieved. Then after a few km the traffic was jammed again. But this one’s because traffic light but the queue was sooooo loooooooong. I told about my bad luck to my classmate whom I always chat to ask about the traffic condition every time I go to campus because we pretty much use the same path to go to campus. He said there were only 3 people in the class and the class has already started. The first class was a practicum one and we actually only came to submit the projects that have made everyone stressed out -_- But we couldn’t be late for more than 15 minutes for a practicum class. My classmate offered me to log me in to the web so I won’t be counted late even if I’d come late. He asked the lecturer about it and the lecturer approves it. The lecturer’s sooooo kind I gave him a high five right after the class LOL. I even bowed to show my gratefulness to him (and that was so awkward LOL). I finally arrived at campus right after 15min the class was started. I submitted my work and then just play around~
I wanted to buy the macaroni but it’s still raining outside ._. So I and my friends went to the school cafetaria instead. I didn’t wanna eat but I did eat in the end -_-
Then the second class started. It’s entrepreneurship. I did nothing but talking to my friends -_-
I went back home and it’s still raining -__________- even the road beside my apartment complex was a little bit flooded. I was worried while going through it since my car’s a small car……..

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