January 25, 2014


And now my mom’s fussing over my idea to ride the bus to go to the color run venue. This is why I hate this country. She’s scared I’ll be a crime victim or something. I’m fucking 19 and I know how to kick a man’s groin, I know how to bite a person, I know how to kick an arm’s holding a knife, I know how to punch a person using keys, I know how to scream, I know how to choke someone, I know how to run, I’M GOING TO THE COLOR RUN. She’s the one who’s scared. I’m not. She hasn’t walked in the city for a fucking long time. I have. I know the condition of the city now. It’s not as bad as when she’s still a teen. OMFG seriously I’m fucking 19 I know how to keep myself save on the street.
This night’s been ruined. Thanks to fucking macaroni and my mom. I love my mom but I can’t accept this I’M FUCKING 19!!!! I’M GONNA BE FUCKING 20 THIS YEAR YOU GOTTA TRUST ME OKAY

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