January 14, 2014


I just wanna write about my 12th grade classmates. I thought of writing this pretty long time ago. Since my class already already had majors since 10th grade, so most of us were classmates for 3 years. The major was ICT & Art and Design. The ICT was pretty rubbish though even though it’s very useful nowadays since it only taught about word, excel, photoshop, and such (and a little c++ programming). The art & design gave a big impact to me. I always research about anything first before doing anything now. Thanks to the habit I got from learning art & design. There were 24 students in my class including me. I had 5 close friends in the class and we were together most of the time. I think them more of my sisters rather than friends though. My classes were somewhat divided to 1 big group, my group, the boys who sit at the back group, and the left-over(?) group. But we didn’t gang up or anything, we still talk to each other, but we’re just usually together with our own group. Those groups made me easier to classify them though.
01 He sold juices to students. He moved to pre-college some time later though. Way much later than we all thought. I asked my close friends “why is he still here” from time to time lol. He’s somewhat pretty disliked by other classmates because he’s annoying or something.
02 I remembered very clearly he told to his chairmate about the hair on my close friend’s hands. The hair’s indeed pretty visible. But I hate him since then.
03 One of my close friends in the class even though we’re not close at all lol. We’re usually together during recess time. However we rarely talked one on one(?) lol. Her innocence of things was sometimes annoying. I believe she’s not that innocent though. She’s currently studying in Italy.
04 We went to junior high school together as well. But I’ve never really close to her even though she liked japanese stuff too. But she’s into manga anime and yaoi-bl stuffs meanwhile I’m just into music. Her personality was annoying as well. She liked to hugs people and I definitely hate her for that. I and 21 sometimes did impersonation of her and her chairmate right behind them. I think they’d actually make a good couple based on their looks lol.
05 The first thing I noticed from him was his grey hair. I saw it when on the first day of high school. He really had a lot of grey hair. He sat at the back with his “pack” (yeah they called themselves wolf pack or something) and they did funny stuff. One time during the English class, the teacher whom always tried to make jokes, they wrote something on papers and hold them high right after the teacher told a joke lol. No one would see it since they sat at the very back of the class unless you look to the back. I luckily saw that funny moment because I often talked to my close friends who sat behind me too lol.
06 He was quiet and always with his girlfriend (they’ve broken up though). They went to my house a few times and I forget why.
07 Another funny guy who sat at the back. Sometimes annoying and lame with his cheesy jokes. I usually used sarcasm while talk to him, not because I hate him but it’s funny to see him stabbed (by words) lol. His love life with a lower-grader was pretty popular as well.
08 One of my close friends, but I really do think her of my sister rather than my friend. I just said whatever I wanna said to her even if it hurts her but sometimes I said it actually for own her good. She’s a pretty serious person. I don’t have any siblings so I’m glad I had a friend like her even though we’re not close anymore since she got a boyfriend. I just wish we’d be close as we used to be. She sat behind me. There’s a time she’s my chairmate too. She’s into k-pop stuff. We’ve spent good and bad time together with the rest of my close friends and I treasure it very much. Thank you for being there during my high school time, bro! We usually talked random stuff during classes, especially art class, and recess too. She’s also a hypocrite though, well most of all is lol. And I sometimes talked about johnny’s to her even though she doesn’t know about it at all lol.
09 The emo guy. My online game buddy as well. He also sat at the back with 05 and 07. I remembered he replied “yeah bro?” to our class advisor and the CA got mad at him lol.
10 A nice girl, 1D lover.
11 He’s actually a nice guy, but he burped really loud and it’s so gross.
12 My rival on art & design class.
13 A boyish girl. A nice girl. We sometimes bullied people together lol. There’s a time when she liked to pick people up from their homes to go on a ride. And the rides were amusing especially when she drives crazily like a drunk person lol.
14 The first person to talked to me on high school. She also sat right beside me. I’m glad she’s one of the friends I made during high school even though we didn’t get close in the end. Most people think she’s the prettiest in the class, and she indeed look like an actress lol. She’s a really nice person even though she’s so rich.
15 Another my game online buddy. He’s in a band together with 09. He knew a bit of japanese stuff and actually one of my good friend during high school.
16 We’re actually somewhat pretty close. She went to my house a few times. A nice and easy going girl. I used to switch desk often with her because my chairmate at that time was her ex lol. She’s a very hard worker during art class. Her art was good as well but I don’t consider her as my rival though.
17 I just somewhat dislike her. No reason. I think there’s a reason. The reason is no reason.
18 One of my close friends, even though we’re not as close as we were during the 10th grade. She grew up to be a party girl. I still remember when she asked about my opinion of girls who smoke. Then she started smoking two or three months later. Then she started clubbing and she goes clubbing almost everyday even during school days. I cried once because of her but she doesn’t even know about that. Only I, 08, 21 and maybe 20 knew about it. I and 08 exchanged look because of how disappointed we were and then I got upset and cry lol. Pretty funny thing actually.
19 We didn’t get to talk much. But some of my classmates secretly hated her while also being friends with her. I don’t really get it why though.
20 I felt sorry for him because his friends left him because of a girl who’s 07’s ex. He was left with 01 & 04. He’s actually a nice guy and I often feel sorry for him in the class. 
21 The racist guy. I just didn’t care whatever he does. I barely remember anything about him. Even I know the racist thingy from other classmates.
22 One of my close friends. She left high school early for college though. She’s nice and diligent. She’s going to south korea soon to continue her studies. Perhaps the nicest one in the group. She started watching pretty little liars after I told her about it (I think, I forget though). She had a love scandal with her driver and I still tease her about it till now lol.
23 One of my close friends. Another sister. Or at least I think of her of that. I don’t care whether she thinks me as a sister as well or not. Even though sometimes she doesn’t reply my chat perhaps I’m just being too annoying with random stuff lol. She’s also a johnny’s fan. We often went karaoke together, and sing japanese and korean songs. She’s currently studying in singapore. I often talk to her about my problems and ask for her opinions. I can talk to her about everything to her too without hesitation. Even though I mostly talk about johnny’s nowadays since we’re not in a same school anymore there’s really no school talk. And I think she’s pretty busy with her school work because she takes design major. She often fell asleep during math class, and other classes too lol. I always woke her up every time I catch her sleeping in the class. We also often took selfies together during art class lol.
24 It’s me! My name starts with letter Y so I was the last of the list most of the time.

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