January 31, 2014


There’s a cheap flight to SG on 17th and I kinda wanna go there. After being excited about it, I changed my mind LOL. I wanna go there but I don’t know what to do over there…….besides of buying tons of Japanese cds and dvds LOL I guess I’ll save the money for Bali instead~

January 30, 2014


I watched Free Birds and it’s the silliest movie ever! But I got sleepy so I pause it -_- I slept for almost 2 hours then wake up and continue the movie.
Then since it’s chinese new year’s eveeeeee…………….
Fireworks!!!!! Even though it’s not as much as the new year’s eve last month LOL. I always missed the big fireworks though -_- There’s lots of fireworks but they seem so small since they’re pretty far ._.
I wonder if there’d more fireworks right at 12am…….
and my neighbor who’s just recently moved in is sooooo noisy -_- I guess they still don’t know yet that the whole neighbourhood could hear them if they’re talking in the hallway -_-

buy 1 get 1 free

I didn’t know that there’s buy 1 get 1 free promo in Bread Life. I bought 4 types of bread and the bread girl (ok I don’t know what’s the name of whatever her job is in english) or perhaps the waitress told me it’s buy 1 get 1 free. So I got another 4 which and now I have 8 breads. Yay!
I forgot that my mom’s friend gave us a cake. So there’s also this layered cake aka lapis legit cake which I somewhat love too. 
I guess I’ll stay forever fat then -____________-

chinese new year

Tomorrow is chinese new year! I used to really look forward to it as a kid because of the red envelope LOL. The red envelope is supposed to be given to whoever who hasn’t married yet, but somehow my family only give it to little kids. I think I didn’t get much red envelopes anymore right after I entered high school -_- my grandma still gave me one last year though and I hope she’ll give me one this year as well LOL. 
I’m actually kinda lazy to go to my relative’s house tomorrow since I won’t be getting much envelopes and yet keep getting fed and make me even more fat -_- There’s really nothing much that my family does during the new year and my mom is still having a fight with his younger brother -_-

January 29, 2014

Manic Panic

I’ve ordered Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink!! The cheapest one I found on online shop was around USD 25 which is still expensive -_- and I have to wait for it for 2 or 3 weeks ._. The reviews I read on net aren’t that good but I think my hair is liiiight enough for pink and I’m still gonna bleach it because I want to make it ombre. 
and I just realized that I do love my current hair color and I took lots of selfies today LOL. I rarely took a selfie, but I took a loooooooooot of them today. I can’t wait till the pink hair dye arrive~! I wish my hair won’t look yellow-ish by the time the pink hair dye come ._.
and I think my scalp isn’t okay at all….. it felt rough and it’s definitely not a dandruff….. it must be because of the super harsh and hurtful bleach -_-

banjir lagi banjir lagi banjir lagi

Last night was raining so hard and it’s flooding today. I can’t go to school because of the flood (again). I thought the flood has subsided but it’s not!! I saw a motorcycle breakdown because of the flood. And my car is mazda 2 which the exhaust position is really low so my car’ll definitely breakdown too.
I emailed my prof telling her about the flood and I’m so glad she’s gonna check my attendance. I actually can’t not come anymore because the my absent has reached the maximum limit and 2/3 of them because of flood as well -_-

handcrafted balinese sea salt

omg that let it go was so awesome! I wish she sang it in indonesian too though lol. 
I didn’t ask my mom to buy sea salt, but she bought it for me!
it’s handcrafted balinese sea salt! it’s handcrafted! it’s made of 100% pure crystal sea salt! I only need it to clean my newly pierced belly……but this sea salt seems really classy LOL
but it’s coarse grain and not fine grain so I had to crush them on my own. but it dissolved pretty quickly when I pour it to water so i think I won’t crush them anymore for future uses. 
I’m not sleepy and I don’t know what time I have to wake up today. it’s almost 4am. I haven’t done the company timeline for tomorrow. I’ve only made a draft proposal as well. I hate my english prof -_-

2 hurtful bleaching, 1 hurtful dyeing

I had entrepreneurship class yesterday and it was the last class for this semester. We did presentations about the entrepreneurship expo a few weeks ago. I talked a loooooot during the presentation which is amazing because I haven’t talked that much since the time I had to give presentation as a coordinator last year. I was talking about business environment for my group and I think the lecturer was somewhat satisfied with my presentation because I did research and stuff. Thanks so much for my art & design teacher in high school because he taught me to always research something before doing anything :3 He even somewhat offered me a job after the class was finished! He has this job opening for researching something for his company but I’m so fuckin busy with lots of assignments lately -_- 
Then I went to the salon to dye my hair since the roots got pretty noticeable. I wanted to dye my hair just as light as that girl I saw in tumblr. I really love her hair, it’s blonde but it’s not too light or too dark and it’s perfect and I love it lol. But the hairdresser who did my hair said my hair couldn’t go that light so I just told him to go as light as it could. And my hair turned to be liiighter than that tumblr girl’s hair -________-
So this was before the first bleaching
then after the first bleaching
and after the second bleaching which hurt so bad
and here’s my hair now!
I really think that it doesn’t really suit as my skin isn’t fair enough but my friends keep saying it’s good and yet my mom said “why is you hair soooo light” and that really break my confident -_- I was thinking to darken it with coffee tomorrow morning but my tumblr friends said it’s beautiful but I’m stiiiill not prepared for going to school tomorrow and having everyone’s staring at me because of my hair .____. but it’s really hurtful to get my hair this light which I actually love even though it’s not exactly the color I want but I don’t want it to be mentally hurtful as well when people stare at my hair……. seriously why do I live in this country?? ;______;
but I think the straight bangs kinda look good with this blonde hair….. but I hate that my skin isn’t that fair and my nose look so big and those fuckin puffy bags under my eyes why can’t you just go forever -_-

January 28, 2014

lots of things to do

I went to lots of pharmacy to get that saline solution to clean my freshly pierced belly button but none of them sold it -_- So I just cleaned it with antibacterial soap instead since the internet says to not clean it with alcohol because it’s too harsh for the skin. I looked for sea salt as well but no one sells it as well -_- I think I have to go to “more expensive” supermarket to find the sea salt….. but I don’t have time to do it. I was busy making the material for the presentation tomorrow. I get the business environment part and I made a really loooooooooong essay and conver it into bullet points ._.
I think I can’t dye my hair today because I have to make another assignment which is the english assignment since my teammates are just not reliable at all. I’m not sure if it’s due on Wednesday or next Saturday though. If it’s due on Saturday, then I’ll dye my hair tomorrow. So I think I’ll have the time to buy the sea salt on Wednesday…. or should I buy the sea salt today and dye my hair on Wednesday instead? but my legs are still a little bit sore because of the color run LOL and since I’ll definitely too lazy to drive my own car to the mall, I’ll ride the bus instead and that means more walking. My legs hurt a little bit when I was looking for sea salt and saline solution in the mall and shops near my apartment yesterday and I was grumpy all the way to myself because of it. And my pierced belly still hurts sometimes and that make my mood even worse -_-

January 27, 2014

Post-The Color Run

I’ve been so damn tired since the color run. I got home at around 10am and then I shower for a looooooong time because of all the colors. Then I had brunch and sleep for around 5 hours.
My color run t-shirt
My watch and hairband got so “colorful” as well.
I still have some of pink on my forehead, nose, chin, neck, and shoulders after the very long shower. Then I went to MTA for dinner with my mom. And I just realized I still had lots of pink on my ears as well -_- 
And since I went to MTA, I finally get my belly button pierced!!! Yay~! Even though it’s more painful and take a longer time than I expected…… but I finally have one!

The Color Run

The Color Run was a huge success!!!! I wasn’t disappointed at all (but to my colleague)! I wanted to write about this like an hour ago but I fell asleep -_-
I went to the venue at almost 6am. The bus came at 6am. The ride was only 10 minutes. The venue wasn’t far from the bus stop. I waited for my colleague at the place we agreed to meet yesterday. I waited for a really looooong time and she still didn’t come even till the race was started. I wanted to call her but I haven’t topped my card up so I didn’t have any balance left. I chatted her but the signal was so bad either. Finally she called me and that bitch said she’s already on the start line. She asked a person about the booth we agreed to meet up but that person didn’t know and that bitch just wait somewhere else, and somehow she got to the queue line for the race. That bitch……. She asked me to wait for her and I did and she’s the one who ditched me. That fuckin bitch -_- The queue was soooooo long and thousands of people were there. Luckily I was queueing alone among the sea of humans so I could go fast to the start line.
I finally met her on the race track and I just couldn’t stop swearing at her when we met -_- We did jog & walk through the race. The first color thrown at us was orange. Then green. Then blue.
I don’t really like orange and green so I just walked right away on those. So I didn’t get much orange and green.
Finally we reached the pink station and I was totally spending my time there. I asked for my hair, the back of my t-shirt, and the people who threw the color were really throwing it like crazy so I got a looooot of pink and I was soooo happy LOL. So this is me after passed the pink station.
and finally I finished the race!!!!
and I got even more colorful at the after party
and the throwing session at the after party was soooooooo awesome!
it was definitely a mess everywhere LOL
I got tired so I go out of the crowd and sit somewhere.
I shared this pic to my group on whatsapp and instead of talking about the colors and such, my friends told me I look like a kid -_-
My feet got a lot of colors too even though I didn’t wear white on them but socks which is really short.
So it’s my final me! Before I got blowed by the blower. But the blower really didn’t help much though. I was still full in colors and all people looked at me and some ask me when I was going home. At the bus, the bus stop, all the way to my apartment LOL. The security on my apartment even shocked when he saw me LOL.
The Color Run was indeed tha happiest 5k in the world!!!! (although that bitch who ruined my mood in the morning LOL) It was expensive for a race but it’s definitely worth it!!!

January 26, 2014


so my dog pushed this basket off the table
and I punished him by pressing my face onto his face(?) without allowing him to lick my face


I’ve finished preparing for today!!! Finally it’s today!! The Color Run!!!!!! I wonder will I be underwhelmed or get the best of it? I’ve read tons of reviews and most of them were underwhelmed. But I still can’t wait to do it on my own! I even have plastic-wrapped my phone LOL. I won’t bring my iphone since i don’t think I’ll wearing earphones and listen to music while on the race. So I’m just gonna bring my S4.
I have to wake up 5am today. I’m not sleepy yet. It’s 1:40am. And I finally won the debate between me and my mom of that bus thing. I’m gonna ride the bus today yay~ I think it’s the first time I actually fought back to her. I was always too lazy to response to anything she’s bitchin about. I’d just stfu and do as whatever she said.
I’m ready for The Color Run!!!!

January 25, 2014

missing piece

okay I’ve been singing missing piece since I woke up which is like 45min ago sdkcjlskdasdsfcmwlkdzadslckmalskclkackla perhaps it’s the side effect of my broken tooth. That missing piece of my tooth. Wtf am I talking about? -_-


I reblogged a lot and I almost reach the post limit now. I guess I should go to sleep. But I’m not sleepy yet. And I’m still worried about my tooth. Stupid macaronis. I hate them. I haven’t eaten them yet since I realized I broke my tooth. I don’t want it to break even more. What if I have to extract the tooth? This is so fuckin stupid -_- I hate that food and I still have a lot of it -_-
It’s Saturday already. The Color Run is tomorrow! I can’t wait! I hope I can sleep tomorrow’s night so I have the energy to run/walk 5km else I’ll have to drink my lovely energy drink. 

Mickey Mouse Rainbow Leopard


I just had one of the best chats I’ve ever had on omegle. This stranger was so cool. Sadly it had to end because the stranger had to go to sleep. Who knows if the stranger indeed goes to sleep or not. But it was great. At least I’m not pissed off anymore because of the macaroni and my mom. I don’t know why the hell this stranger gave their name. The name’s karl, definitely not from my country. Who knows if it’s a real name or not. I’m pretty sure most people in my country whom their English isn’t very good will pronounce it wrong. I’m not good either but I gained some confidence after escorting for acm icpc last year LOL. I’m totally escorting again this year! Since I’m not pissed off anymore, I’m gonna continue tumblr-ing….


And now my mom’s fussing over my idea to ride the bus to go to the color run venue. This is why I hate this country. She’s scared I’ll be a crime victim or something. I’m fucking 19 and I know how to kick a man’s groin, I know how to bite a person, I know how to kick an arm’s holding a knife, I know how to punch a person using keys, I know how to scream, I know how to choke someone, I know how to run, I’M GOING TO THE COLOR RUN. She’s the one who’s scared. I’m not. She hasn’t walked in the city for a fucking long time. I have. I know the condition of the city now. It’s not as bad as when she’s still a teen. OMFG seriously I’m fucking 19 I know how to keep myself save on the street.
This night’s been ruined. Thanks to fucking macaroni and my mom. I love my mom but I can’t accept this I’M FUCKING 19!!!! I’M GONNA BE FUCKING 20 THIS YEAR YOU GOTTA TRUST ME OKAY

January 24, 2014


Last week I was worried about The Color Run. Now I’m excited LOL. I will still go there alone. I’ll meet my colleague there. I’m pretty sure I won’t have fun as much as if I ran with my friends. But I just don’t care anymore. I don’t even care if I run alone. I’m more challenged to finish the race now. I don’t know if I’ve ever walked 5km long or not. I’m pretty sure I haven’t. So this may be my first time! LOL
And yet I don’t prepare anything. I don’t exercise or whatsoever. So I’ll most probably have sore muscles after the race LOL. Well….. my fingers exercise everyday though a.k.a. typing LOL.
I’m so excited σ(≧ε≦o)

Apple Rainbow Leopard

Heart Giraffe

Heart Rainbow Leopard


I’ve been tumblr-ing for hours. I reblogged a lot of things. Now I’m worried that I’ll reach the post limit during the class today. My class will start at 7:20am but I’ll come at 8am and now is 2:50am and it’s still 9 hours to the reset time -_- This is the first time I worry I’ll reach the post limit. What will I do in the class if I reach the post limit…..? well the lecturer will mostly just brag about everything he has and not teach anything. My queue is full. I just saved posts that I wanna reblog as drafts so I can reblog them later after the reset time.  
I have to wake up at 6am today. I wonder if I’ll fall asleep or not today. I’m not sleepy yet. I woke up in the afternoon yesterday. I’m bored.

January 23, 2014

zzzz tumblr

wtf is wrong with you 
why did the post suddenly show
I thought I click cancel and it’s lost forever
but it indeed was posted
but it showed up late

hair cut

I posted a picture of me when I was in high school and I saw my hair cut which I really love. It’s the first time that I indeed love my hair cut so much and I didn’t cut my hair for a looooooooooooong time because I really love it and for the first time ever I think my hair cut was fabulous. Then my hair got too long by the time I enter university. Unfortunately my one and only favourite hair stylist ever has died because of a disease. I’m still sad that my one and only fav hair stylist has died and the fact that I’ll never have that hair cut ever again.


I’m 13 days away from final examination. I’m so so so so so so so so boreeeeeeed! I skipped calculus class again. I have no mood to study for the final examination. I literally have spent my day tumblr-ing today. Since hitam putih was canceled, I have nothing to watch on TV anymore. So I’ve been watchin on my ipad instead. Random videos……..
and my dog seems to be bored too
I played with my dog and I forget that I was writing this post……

Rainbow Leopard

dye dye dye

I wanna dye my hair this Friday. But I’m gonna participate in The Color Run this Sunday. I read reports about the color run and people seem to had a hard time getting the colors out of their hair. So I think I’ll dye my hair after The Color Run event rather than ruining my will-be-freshly-dyed-hair……
I keep eating the spicy macaroni and I think my tummy’s getting even hotter.

January 22, 2014


I woke up at 11am and my class started at 11:20am today. So I was late for about an hour. The quiz has started, and I could only do 1/3. I was gonna ask someone on the class before the quiz about number 2, but I couldn’t since I was late. I didn’t find anything about number 3 on the materials for the class that I studied yesterday so I couldn’t do it either.
The lecturer was so freaking love to teach thus the class finished an hour late. It was like a torture -_- It’s one of the classes that I hate. And it’s surprisingly not because of the subject. It’s because of the lecturer. He didn’t teach in English, and yet I could hardly understand the words he said. He spoke in Indonesian, yet like indonesian people talk in english but not clear at all (which I guess because of they don’t confident enough). I’ve always had a hard time listening to him, so I decided to just play with my phone in the class ._.
Then I finally bought the macaroni!!! I’ve been craving for it since the first day of holiday. So I bought 10 at once today LOL.
It’s not as salty and spicy as the one I bought for the first time. But it’s still hot!!!! I love spicy food though so it’s yummy even though it’s not a healthy snack at all LOL. I hope my intestine will be okay since I’ll be eating this for the next few days. My friend, R, just got her intestine wounded because she ate lots of spicy chips or something last week and was hospitalized because of it. I hope it won’t happen to me……as my tummy is feeling hot right now because I’ve eaten 3/10 today LOL. I even added it to my dinner XD
and I’m gonna eat another one now~

January 21, 2014

1st day

I went to campus for the first time this year!!! LOL. I skipped classes from 2 whole weeks. I didn’t sleep at all in the end. I had to wake up at 5:45am. It rained pretty hard this morning.
And it’s still raining when I was driving to school.
I was late ._. The traffic was a bit jammed so I look for another path. I just followed the path and I end up lost -_- And the path didn’t take me to the place I expected. I really wasted my time and I go back to the traffic jam at the end. But it wasn’t jammed anymore when I got back there so I was somewhat relieved. Then after a few km the traffic was jammed again. But this one’s because traffic light but the queue was sooooo loooooooong. I told about my bad luck to my classmate whom I always chat to ask about the traffic condition every time I go to campus because we pretty much use the same path to go to campus. He said there were only 3 people in the class and the class has already started. The first class was a practicum one and we actually only came to submit the projects that have made everyone stressed out -_- But we couldn’t be late for more than 15 minutes for a practicum class. My classmate offered me to log me in to the web so I won’t be counted late even if I’d come late. He asked the lecturer about it and the lecturer approves it. The lecturer’s sooooo kind I gave him a high five right after the class LOL. I even bowed to show my gratefulness to him (and that was so awkward LOL). I finally arrived at campus right after 15min the class was started. I submitted my work and then just play around~
I wanted to buy the macaroni but it’s still raining outside ._. So I and my friends went to the school cafetaria instead. I didn’t wanna eat but I did eat in the end -_-
Then the second class started. It’s entrepreneurship. I did nothing but talking to my friends -_-
I went back home and it’s still raining -__________- even the road beside my apartment complex was a little bit flooded. I was worried while going through it since my car’s a small car……..


I finished the project!!!! Although the website doesn’t turn as nice as I wanted it to be, but who the hell cares anymore. I’m sure my friends’ websites aren’t that good as well. I have to go to campus at 6:15am and it’s 2am now. Today will be the first day I go to campus this year LOL. I wanted to go there yesterday, but I stayed at home instead. I’d rather do the projects instead of daydreaming in classes from 1pm to 7pm -_-
Finally I can tumblr again yaaaaaaaaayyyyy~~~~~~~~~~
I feel so awesome LOL

January 20, 2014

I need a break

Ugh the logo won’t show up on preview but it looks fine on dreamweaver -_- I googled it and someone said it might be something wrong during the installation. So I’m uninstalling dw and gonna re-install it…. perhaps it’s just an excuse for me to take a rest ._. I wonder if I will finish the website…. I’m still stuck on the homepage somehow. I’d just copy-paste the layout and write about the products, corporate info, and online shopping things for the rest of the web. Butttt if the logo still won’t show up…..what should I do…..and the due date is Tuesday ( °̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥˟°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ )

January 19, 2014


ok I just read the instruction of the project again and apparently I made a huge mistake and I’m so not doing it all over again -_-


okay enough I don’t wanna see photoshop or dreamweaver anymore it’s 4am I’d rather tumblr-ing


I’ve been doing the homepage forever -_- I finally remember the dreamweaver method that my teacher taught me in high school. So I’m re-doing it all over again ._. I’m just glad that I learned it during high school unless I won’t be able to do this project…… all I learned for dreamweaver in uni just how to put this and that but not how to make a whole website using it -_-

January 18, 2014


My mom didn’t let me to ride public transportation (except taxi) alone until high school because my mom believes that the country’s not safe. I didn’t live exactly in the city until 1.5 years ago so I’ve only ridden the bus a few times to go to the city.
I still don’t use the public transportation often though unless I’m going to somewhere where there’d definitely a traffic jam. I’ve ridden the BRT aka bus rapid transit aka Transjakarta several times and somehow still excited about it lol. There’s one right in front of the mall beside my apartment, so it’s really convenient~ I wish there’s one that goes to my uni so I don’t have to drive on my own to go to uni -_- There’s one but it’s the old bus type (like 20-30yo or so). It’s cheaper than transjakarta but there’d be lots of street musicians ride the bus and ask for money and in the end I had to spend more money than when I was riding transjakarta -_-
I haven’t top upped my card yet so I bought the paper based ticket. I took the pics when I was going home yesterday from Kuningan City though. And here’s the bus stop.
and this is when I was waiting for the bus. That ugly thing was supposed to be the pillar for skytrain (I think). But the project was somehow stopped a few years ago and living those ugly things around -_- They’re currently doing that project again though. I wish I lived in a better country -_-
and this one’s when I was on the bus. And it’s the traffic jam that I was talking about -_- this traffic jam wasn’t so bad though.
And the bus I rode when going home was a little full and I didn’t get a seat ._. but I can’t wait till the next time I ride it again~