December 15, 2013


I had a technical meeting yesterday. I arrived at campus at 1pm. The meeting should start at 1pm but it didn’t. It started at around 1:30pm because everyone loves being late. I didn’t pay attention much. Then the meeting finished. I just went home right away because I wanna rest. There’s nothing I want more but a good sleep, 
I went home. I didn’t sleep though. I decided to re watch this week’s episode of the big bang theory. I’ve watched it on Friday, like half of it, then I fell asleep. I also watched nikita yesterday. Then I and my mom went to the mall. I wanted to eat at fish and co but there’s one of my classmates who’s incredibly annoying. So I decided to have dinner at pepper lunch instead. I had pepper steak as always.
Then I went to a dept store to buy an orange t-shirt since I didn’t have one and it’s a dress code for the freaking event. I & my mom also looked for christmas gifts for my cousins so we go to the toys area. I’ve bought a birthday present for one of my cousins a long time ago and I haven’t given it yet so it becomes a christmas present as well lol. It’s that nerf gun I bought months ago. Hid older brother will get a R/C car, and the girl will get a random phone toy or whatever that is since she’s still a toddler. 
I saw a hello kitty watch I’ve wanted for a loooong time and it’s discounted! Since I didn’t bring any money with me so I ask my mom to buy it for me lol. Here’s my new hello kitty watch!!!
Even the box is sooooo cute~
I actually don’t like those fake crystals around the watch though but I love the gold and black color combi.

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