December 8, 2013

The Long Awaited Event

I’ve been lazy to blog lately even though it’s almost 1 year since I started blogging again. I’ve been pretty exhausted lately. Luckily I got to sleep for a pretty long time today.
I wanted to go karaoke last Thursday. Then I met one of my colleagues on my way to class on Wednesday and she said the next day there’d be the first day of some discipline training which is one of my most awaited event for a whole year lol. It’s for those who applied to be new activists. So I went to go karaoke on Friday instead.
The briefing was on 6:30am and I was a bit late so I kinda run on my way to the briefing place which was at the exhibition hall. Unfortunately I hurt my feet on the stairs -_- The bruises aren’t as bad as the one on my hip because of hula hoop some time ago but it still hurts because I hit on my bones -_-
Luckily the campus was still not crowded because it’s early in the morning. And no one was there for the briefing at that early in the morning. I met one of my colleagues on my way to the briefing place but he’s not really supposed to be on the briefing place though because he’s going to somewhere else in the afternoon.
I was confused because no one was there. Then like a minute later two people showed up lol. I actually had calculus class that morning. I was gonna attend it but then I was too lazy to go to the class so I just stayed on the exhibition hall.
More than a hundred people passed the interview test actually however only 3/4 of the joined this training. It’s a 4 days training and they’re going to a villa for the next training on the night. I didn’t really have anything to do there actually. I only took notes of people who was sleeping, playing with their phones and such during the training. Then I helped gathering their gadgets because they’re not allowed to use it at all once they’re on the villa. Their rides were at other campus so I also walked them there. And I just waited there till they all go. Most of the senior activists were already in the training villa and they’re the ones who’d train them. 
Lots of them brought luggages instead of backpacks. Perhaps they didn’t know what’s gonna happen during the training lol. There’s even a girl who wore a pink t-shirt and yellow pants. Poor her. Luckily I knew what’s gonna happen last year so I’ve prepared the worst outfits of mine lol.
I also found out that there’s a person who failed to be an activist last year and he try again this year. I forgot his name and face. Then I saw him again on his ride before they all go and kinda excited because he’s just so funny. He failed the test but he show up pretty often during events lol. I was being pretty annoying so he turned on a flash light right in front of me and it’s soooo bright and I was shocked lol.

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