December 1, 2013


I don’t remember whether I’ve posted about postcards or not.
I was escorting the teams from NTU last month during the ACM ICPC last October. Two people bought postcards during the excursion day but they don’t have time to send the postcards. Because the excursion was on Friday for a whole day so the post office was obviously already closed by they came back to the place where they’re staying. They went back to SG on Saturday and they post office are closed on Saturday. So I sent the postcards for them.
I went to the post office near my campus on Monday but it was closed. I went back on Tuesday, but the post officer kinda got grumpy because I used cheap stamps to send them overseas. So I decided to not mail the postcards from that post office. I went to another post office on Wednesday and I finally send them.
I asked the price to the post officers but I don’t tell them I was gonna send something on that day so no one’s acting like a btch. The postcards were sent to Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and USA. I asked the price for USA and the officer says four times more expensive than the stamp I put on the postcard lol. I’d never sent one before so I google it and find the information about sending postcards including the prices. I was kinda afraid the postcards wouldn’t arrive to the destinations because I indeed put very cheap stamps on them. I was just following the instruction I found though.
Then one of the members of the team told me that his postcard has arrived! The one to Singapore. I was sooooo glad to hear it. Then I asked him about the other person’s postcards. He said his have arrived too, to Singapore and USA. However the ones sent to China haven’t arrived yet. He said it’s because the Chinese Express or something there is slow. I hope they’ll arrive soon though. I’ve thought about them ever since I sent the postcards because I was afraid they wouldn’t arrive to the destinations lol. It’s such a delight to know that most of them have arrived! And I wanna send postcards on my own because of them lol. T is on her missionary program now and I wanna send her some but I don’t know where to buy the postcards. I don’t wanna send her landscapes or something like that postcards. I prefer something rather unique postcards or something humorous lol.
A few days ago, I was awake from my sleep and I check my phone. There’s a chat from the person’s who asked me to send the postcard telling me that the postcards have arrived. However I was half asleep and I’m not sure whether I was dreaming or not. I think it was a dream though because when I checked my phone there’s no chat like that at all anywhere LOL. Could it be deja vu? That’s just so cool LOL. 
I can’t wait for the contest next year. I wanna be an escort again because it’s soooooo fun. I learned a lot of things even though I was almost crazy to handle three teams at a time and they didn’t like to gather at one place for most of the time lol. I’m really looking forward for the event next year~!

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