December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

I watched the nhk kouhaku uta gassen. Sexy Zone, Arashi, Smap, Tokio, Kanjani8, AKB48, aiko, TMR, Golden Bomber, and others. I was cheering the white team where all the boys belong and team white won! LOL yay I’m so happy!
I also watched johnny’s countdown. Kento didn’t sing alone this year. Last year was very awkward lol. KAT-TUN held their own concert this year in kyocera dome in osaka (so that’s why kanjani8 was in kouhaku). No akanishi jin. It’s yabu, yaotome, and inoo kei’s year! and some others from kisumai…..I don’t remember who were born in 1990. HSJ didn’t perform ride with me. And the only groups who performed in kouhaku and also performed in johnny’s countdown was only Sexy Zone.
This year’s new year’s eve isn’t much different than last year. Now I’m gonna wait for the 00:00 in my country which is less than 20minutes~ The fireworks aren’t as much as last year though……… i’m gonna watch the fireworks from the balcony now. I think I’ll make another post about johnny’s countdown and perhaps kouhaku later~

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