December 14, 2013


I’ve been so busy since the mid term examination ended! I think I’ll write a few posts instead of a very looooooooooong post. I’ve been in “busy marathon” since last week actually….
I didn’t know my entrepreneurship project group plan to shop for the materials on Monday. Meanwhile I had training and such on that day. So the shopping was postponed.
All of my classes last Monday was off. So I helped my coor to get 250 magazines from a media partner of the event from their office using my car. Then we went to another media partner office for signing the MoU. The training started at 3pm and we were still stuck at the traffic jam. We arrived back to campus at around 3:30pm.
I didn’t really listen to anything at all during the training. Then my senior who’s one of the trainers approached after he finish his presentation. Suddenly he interviewed me for the next year student org thingy. It took a pretty long time since we also talked about some other things out of the topic lol.
I don’t really remember what exactly happened last Monday since it’s been a few days……. but the interview thingy was pretty exciting though although the questions are somewhat the same like any other interviews. 

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