December 3, 2013

Modern Family

I’ve watched modern family till the latest episode. I’m waiting for the next episode to come out this week~
I saw a winged hoodie on storenvy and I really want it because it’s just way toooo cute. But since it’s located oversea so the shipment would definitely take a pretty long time. So I just searched for a local online shop and they also sell it here! However that store’s currently close -_- They’re supposed to be back in December and it’s December already yet there’s still no news from them. It’s also like $10 cheaper here! I just found out that the ones people are selling out there are the replica ones and the original one of jeremy scott would cost a few hundred bucks. I don’t care if it’s a replica though it’s just way tooooo cute!
Actually I should be doing something for my entrepreneurship project but I’m too lazy and not motivated right now I just wanna sleep all day but I wanna tumblr as well -_-

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