December 8, 2013

Karaoke Marathon

I finally went to karaoke last Friday. I had to meet someone first for a project though. Then I went to alsut right after it’s finished.
I picked T up at MAS and we go to ikkudo ichi for lunch. I ordered buta kara as always.
Then we went to the first karaoke place, Diva. It’s my first time to go there. It’s not so far from ikkudo ichi so we just walked there. It’s pretty unpleasant for me though since some odd dudes shouted at me like I was a thief or something. The place was good though. I usually sing japanese songs and they’ve got plenty there although there’s still a lot more japanese songs out there. I wish there’s a karaoke place that have a loooooot of japanese songs, even the b-sides of singles and whole albums. Since I’m into Sexy Zone now, so I sang their songs although there’s only 4 of them -_- but I got to do the “sexy rose” though LOL. Then I also sang laruku’s songs. We were there for 2 hours.
Then we went to next place, Zinga. It didn’t have much songs. Luckily we’re there for an hour only. We sang some Indonesian songs there. Including the two-must songs everytime we go to karaoke. Cinta satu malam by melinda and hamil duluan by tuti wibowo lol.
There’s a purikura machine and it’s finally working! T & I had wanted to get pictures from that machine since some time ago but it’s always broken -_- It was even pretty broken when we took pictures. The machine said there’s no more paper and tell us to contact the shop assistant. But the shop assistant didn’t really do anything and just tell us to take the pictures again and again until finally the manager handled it. The paper or something indeed needed to be replaced. We took pictures four times because of that -_- I wrote sexy rose on the picture I decorate. It’s my favourite part in sexy zone song entitled sexy zone even though it’s shori who has that part. I wish it’s kento who got that part though lol.
I also saw a person eating a crepe earlier so I decided to buy one as well lol. It’s Sakura Strawberry Pudding. I bought it at ichiban crepes, and it’s delicious!
Then we went to the last place, Vizta. We’ve been there a few times. We sang pretty a lot of songs there. Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone, super junior, snsd, bap, and others. We were there for two hours.
It was raining pretty hard when we were going to vizta. It’s moved to a new place and it’s still raining luckily I had two umbrellas in my car so we could go to that place. Luckily I was wearing sandals so it dried easily. Even the lower part of my jeans were wet because of the rain.
I always wish that whenever I went to karaoke there’d be dokkiri like those shows which the singers of the song that you’re singing in the karaoke would go to the room and do some random interview and I’d be like kyaaaaaaa lol.

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