December 30, 2013

I’m so bored I even used a random question generator since no one talks to me

1. Would you rather be the most popular kid in school or the smartest kid in school?
I’d rather be the smartest kid. I’m too lazy to maintain the being good looking stuff.
2. What was your least favorite subject in school?
3. If you won $ million playing the lottery, what would you do?
Spend it to make a karaoke business.
4. Do you prefer to take baths or showers?
5. Describe your perfect day.
I wake up at around 10pm. Then have brunch which won’t make me fat at all. Then watch a tv show/movie while eating snacks. Then have a nap. Then watch something again while playing with my dogs and eating snacks. Another nap. Chat with my friends on whatsapp. Watch something, eat, and play with my dogs. Then beauty sleep. If I had a bath tub, I’d definitely spend a long time to bath with bath bomb as well while tumblr-ing using my phone and listen to the music.
6. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
8. What are your favorite TV shows?
Gossip girl, the big bang theory, how I met your mother, modern family, 2 broke girls, nikita, chuck, once upon a time, pretty little liars, melissa and joey, trophy wife, hana yori dango.
9. Do you have any pets?
A dog
10. What is your earliest memory?
I cried during a trip because my father had to go back home earlier than the rest of us because of work.

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