December 29, 2013

Gandaria City

My mom suddenly wanted to watch a movie yesterday. So we went to Gancy to watch Ronin 47. I suggested to watch the hobbit at first since I though she wouldn’t be interested to watch ronin 57 but she suggest the idea first. So Ronin 47 it is! 
I got home at around 4:30pm. After resting for like an hour, we went to Gancy. I was still so full but my mom’s already hungry so we went to the food court to have dinner. I only ate kerupuk of asinan (I don’t like veggies anyway). I love asinan! The kerupuk only though lol.
I also had Snow Ice as a dessert (and I regretted this very much later on).
I felt sooooo fulllll after eating this. It’s only ice but I wish I didn’t eat that -_- It’s delicious though LOL.
We went to H&M afterwards. It’s my first time going there although it’s opened 1 or 2 months ago. I wrote a post when it wasn’t opened yet some time ago. I bought 2 tops and 1 legging. It’s batman logo patterned legging and a superman logo top. I kinda like batman now since I saw kento bought a batman comic when he was in USA LOL. The other top has some shocking pink strikes on it so I bought it lol. I haven’t taken pics of them though.
I also bought an earring and pluggies there. I’ve only taken pics of the pluggies though.
The bunny was cute at first. Then I plugged it and it get scary -_- It looks like this from the front side.
The red eyes make the bunny look like a scary evil alien -_- The side is much cuter with a heart on it.
I met one of my colleagues in H&M. She’s waiting for his bf there. She said the tops and legging that I buy are really “me”.
Then we bought lots of puyo again! And they’re mostly taro flavoured ones this time.
We also went to the supermarket because I wanna buy brem bali. I really love brem very much. But there’re only 2 left on the shelf so I bought 2 of them. And I’ve eaten all of them now……
I also found lidi! It’s one of my favourite not healthy snack lol.
Finally it’s almost the time of the movie so we went to the cinema. My mom watched it because she wanna see keanu reeves. I watched it because I wanna see Akanishi Jin. I didn’t even know who keanu reeves is. I prolly have watched it in pther movies but I just don’t remember western actors’ names. I thought he’s a rapper.
I was sooooo excited every time I see Jin on the movie. I wish he’d play a lead role on his next movies So I could see more of him lol. And I’m kinda sad he’s got no topless scene on 47 ronin lol. Even though he’s not my ichiban anymore, and pretty old already, but he’s still hot handsome hot as always LOL!

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