December 15, 2013


Finally the entrepreneurship expo ended and I could catch up with my work for the upcoming event. The event will start on Monday 16th till Saturday 21st. Everyone’s been having hectic days!
I arrived at campus at around 9am and go straight to the booth. Only two people were there. However it’s their turn to do the entrepreneurship expo on Friday so they leave me alone at the booth. A while later some people came.
I was waiting for my coor since I wanted to copy the flyer. She also asked me to go to student creativity development center since the web banner hadn’t been uploaded yet. She was still in other university sticking the event’s posters there even till the time she decided for the division to have a meeting. Then she told me to lead the meeting till she comes. I was the only activist and there rest are the freshmen who’s not yet accepted to be activists (not all of them will be accepted though).
It’s been a pretty long time since I lead a meeting. The last time was when I was a coor of an event earlier this year. I didn’t know what to talk about during the meeting since she only said to lead a meeting without further explanation (and the further explanation was told after I’ve finished the meeting -_-). Since it’s supposed to be a weekly meeting so I just asked them about the progress of each of them and some other things.
My coor also told me that we’d go to LW for another event at 2pm. It turned out she’s still copying the flyer to be distributed in LW. The treasurer of the event who is my previous coor of the event last year was waiting on the 1st floor to go to LW with me, the coor, and two freshmen. She asked me to go downstairs because she’s lonely waiting there along so we go downstairs lol.
After having chit chat for a while finally the coor came and we go to LW right away. We arrived and those two go to a radio for an interview in other place. I was told to set the booth on the event venue up with the rest. And again without further explanation -_- So we just put flyers (lots of flyers) and make little flags to be distributed as well. The flag thingy was inspired by my flag-flyer for my entrepreneurship project. But this one’s only has logo on it and I think it’s a really waste of budget. I think it’d be better if it had the competition and seminar list, contact person number, and such. 
Then finally the coor came back so I could buy some stuffs before the student org band perform. I and my senior went to a bookstore to buy markers and some colored papers. And we made some signs back at the booth. I forgot to take pictures of the signs though.
I didn’t do much there as I was too lazy to do anything. I met one of the uni admission employees there. We met when the uni was giving a campus tour for my high school and I help them guiding the tour.
There’s Puyo Dessert booth in the mall so I bought puyo!!!! I’ve craved for them for some time and I finally get to eat them lol. I bought taro, green tea, and bubble gum flavours. It’s the first time I eat the bublle gum one and it’s not as yummy as I thought. The taro flavoured one’s still the best! I forgot to take a pic of the bubble gum though…..
The event finished and I went home. I drove the 3 others back to campus first though.

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