December 15, 2013


I went to asemka to buy nail polishes for my entrepreneurship project last Tuesday. My team mate and I agreed to meet at a bus stop nearby asemka at 10am. I went there by bus and I arrive at 10am. I waited for my friend for almost 30min and I just can’t wait there anymore because it’s hot and no seats to sit at all. So I went to a museum nearby.
I went to Museum Bank Mandiri and it’s free! Then my team mate finally arrived and we just wander around the museum for a while. I took a few pics! I’m glad that I have dual cameras mode on my S4 LOL.
Then we went to asemka. It’s a traditional market. They sell items mostly in dozens. We bought a box of 2 dozens nail polishes for about USD 4 which is sooooo cheap! We also bought a nail stamping set and balloons. My team mate suddenly didn’t feel well so I did all the shopping and she was just sitting and wait for me to finish shopping.
Then we went to my team mate’s house to paint the artificial nails. We waited for a taxi but none were empty and I can’t stand right under the sun anymore so we decided to take the bus. We again did transit in harmoni and the waiting line was so long. My team mate didn’t wanna wait anymore and decide to go by a taxi instead. Then we went out from the bus stop to find a taxi. Then suddenly a few buses for that route came. Shit. And we again waited for an empty taxi. It’s so a waste of time. We finally arrived at her house though. I just wanted to start working right away so I could go home fast. There’s 50 of them but I don’t have a pic of them all though.
I went back home at 9pm. Then I went to the campus the next day to make the banner for the entrepreneurship expo. Then I went back home to make some other decorations, a sun and clouds LOL. 
The expo was on Thursday. It didn’t go well though. We only had 5 customers. But I was glad though since I don’t have to paint a lot of nails. I was mad though since I just know that my team mate who’s in charge to print the flyers hadn’t done it till the morning. Then another team had a same concept for the booth like our booth and it makes me even more upset. I just didn’t care about the project anymore. We also didn’t get chairs. The officer who’s in charge of this expo said we’d get chairs. So we moved to a booth outside a classroom. Then the expo started. That area wasn’t as crowded as our previous area though. Shit. Everything’s made me mad. So I just went to my friends’ booths in a classroom and play around there.
This was my group’s booth
and I spent most of the time at my friends’ booth.
I’m definitely getting much much much fatter -_- Anyway, I was wearing a kitty headband though as my group’s outfits. We all wear animals’ ears headband. It’s hand made and it doesn’t really look like cat’s ears. But the color matched with my hair and I really like it lol.

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