December 2, 2013

Catching Fire, Momi & Toys, Tokyo Skipjack

I finally watched catching fire yesterday!! It was greaaaaaaaaat. I love katniss’ wedding dress! The outfits katniss and peeta wearing during the parade were cool too! The story was good as well! I can’t wait to watch the last movie of hunger games!! I think I’m gonna watch it again once the dvd’s released. The story development is just way tooooo good!
I bought a crepe after watching the movie. I bought the green team cream with ice cream crepe from momi and toys! 
It’s my second time to buy crepes from them. Their value is they have cream for their crepes. Way too much cream for me so I only ate 3/4 of it. The green tea ice cream wasn’t that good though. I wish the taste was as rich as haagen dazs’ green tea ice cream.
Then I went to Tokyo Skipjack to for late dinner. It’s my first time there. I ordered rare cooked sirloin with homemade barbecue sauce and japanese chimichuri sauce, and the side dishes were french fries and salad.
It was good, since I ordered it to be rare cooked. It was juicy although the beef wasn’t that thick.
The sauces were good too. But I didn’t really like the dressing of the salad because it was sour, odd sour.

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