December 27, 2013


My bangs is long and annoying now! Yet I’m too lazy to cut it……. 
I’m going to Alsut tomorrow for M’s birthday. I posted about her birthday last year. It’s been a year. I wouldn’t even remember her birthday if she didn’t invite me to go to her birthday lunch a few days ago. This year’s gone really fast. I wonder what will happen next year…….
I’m so broke this month so I can’t afford a gift for M on my own. So I & T are gonna give her a cactus as a gift. I wanted to give her something that she could bring anywhere but I remember that she always lose most of the things she has whenever she’s drunk. So cactus it is.
I somewhat like the sexy lips effect on camera 360. So here it is again! LOL
what the hell happened to my right eye…………………………

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