December 29, 2013

Another M’s Birthday

I went to M’s birthday yesterday. She celebrated it in ikkudo ichi at alsut this year. I ate ikkudo buta kara as always. It was pretty great. I met my high school classmates. I haven’t met most of them since months or a year ago. I didn’t feel happy though. I don’t have a reason to hate them, but I hate most of them. I didn’t. I do. And none of the pictures taken turned out great. I didn’t look great on those pics.
What the hell happened to my legs and my hair? Why am I the only one who’s not getting skinnier? fck.
I don’t even remember what we talked there. I think I didn’t talk much. I didn’t even catching up with any one of them. They weren’t interested with my life, why the heck would I be interested with theirs?
Anyway, here’s the present I & T got for M.
and the cute paper bag!
M told me to come at 1pm. I arrived at around 1pm. But I and T wrote the HBD on the pot first and wait for the paint to dry first. So we went to the restaurant at 2pm, along with C and R who were waiting in C’s car as well. Idk what the hell they were waiting for. M was with her 2 friends already.

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