December 23, 2013

6th day

Finally the event ended!! The last day was Saturday, and it ended earlier than I expected. I didn’t do much either but live-updating through social media. The final competitions were held at the same time on the 2nd and 3rd floor so I was busy going up and downstairs -_-
There’s a special performance again after the closing ceremony. However we didn’t borrow the good expensive sound system, so it kinda failed since the songs didn’t really come out clearly through the free - provided sound system which was my uni’s.
I wanna post pics of the last day but no one’s shared it and I only have a few…..
It’s the last day and everyone’s having dark circles under their eyes LOL. We’ve been working really hard for 6 days! We definitely didn’t have enough sleep. I was always delighted whenever I have class because it’s the only time I could sleep lol. I slept for an hour in a class last Friday. I was shock when I wake up because the professor had started teaching and most of the students were in the class already lol. When I was about to sleep the class’s still pretty empty. I also slept during the calculus class for the first shift (100 minutes). 
I went home and sleep pretty early. I was glad I did my best for the last event of this year. Finally I’m having holiday now and it’s time to hibernate! LOL

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