December 16, 2013

1st Day

Today’s the first day of the event!! I woke up at 5am and go to campus at 5:45am. The morning briefing was started late at around 6:30am although it’s scheduled at 6am. 
My classes started at 1pm so I have plenty of time to work. The coor had a class at 11am so I somewhat take care of her work while she’s gone. I wish the members of promotion division could be more active and work on their own will. They definitely rested too much. 
I don’t really like my coor though. I told her some things that might make the promotion more effective but she just wouldn’t listen to me -_- And whenever she asked me to take care of something she never tell me how she wants them to be done -_- since we clearly have different minds,……
The evaluation wasn’t as bad as I thought. I joined the practice of the special committees performance afterwards. Then I arrived at home at 11pm.
I have to be at campus at 6am tomorrow. I wonder if I could get up tomorrow morning………

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