December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

I watched the nhk kouhaku uta gassen. Sexy Zone, Arashi, Smap, Tokio, Kanjani8, AKB48, aiko, TMR, Golden Bomber, and others. I was cheering the white team where all the boys belong and team white won! LOL yay I’m so happy!
I also watched johnny’s countdown. Kento didn’t sing alone this year. Last year was very awkward lol. KAT-TUN held their own concert this year in kyocera dome in osaka (so that’s why kanjani8 was in kouhaku). No akanishi jin. It’s yabu, yaotome, and inoo kei’s year! and some others from kisumai…..I don’t remember who were born in 1990. HSJ didn’t perform ride with me. And the only groups who performed in kouhaku and also performed in johnny’s countdown was only Sexy Zone.
This year’s new year’s eve isn’t much different than last year. Now I’m gonna wait for the 00:00 in my country which is less than 20minutes~ The fireworks aren’t as much as last year though……… i’m gonna watch the fireworks from the balcony now. I think I’ll make another post about johnny’s countdown and perhaps kouhaku later~

Sexy Zone 64th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen

Sexy Zone was the first performer from white team!! They sang sexy something zone medley. Sexy zone, real sexy, lady diamond. Did they sing sexy summer? I think so. I forget -_- They were singing this and going back to that song and I just can’t take my eyes off kento obviously lol.

December 30, 2013


I bought new clothes last Saturday from H&M. I’ve finally taken pics of them lol. I haven’t worn them yet. I can’t wait to wear them!
I love the shocking pink on it so I just bought them lol. I love shocking pink!
and here’s the batman legging! It’s the most expensive legging I’ve ever owned lol.
and it’s the oversized superman t-shirt! It’s just so freaking big!!!! It’s XS but it’s soooo freaking big!
I’ve also take a pic of the earring I bought.
It’s so cool huh? I’ve worn it but it didn’t look as good as I though….


I had McGangBang as dinner today! It’s my first time to have a secret menu from mcdonald’s!
I ordered a double cheese burger and a mcspicy chicken burger. Then I put them together and voila! McGangBang! 
It should be mcchicken burger but I like the mcspicy chicken better so I use that one instead. McGangBang!
I can’t believe I ate most of it (my dog ate the rest). It’s so big! And I didn’t feel full at all -_- I think I just ate the junkest food I’ve ever had in my life lol.

I’m so bored I even used a random question generator since no one talks to me

1. Would you rather be the most popular kid in school or the smartest kid in school?
I’d rather be the smartest kid. I’m too lazy to maintain the being good looking stuff.
2. What was your least favorite subject in school?
3. If you won $ million playing the lottery, what would you do?
Spend it to make a karaoke business.
4. Do you prefer to take baths or showers?
5. Describe your perfect day.
I wake up at around 10pm. Then have brunch which won’t make me fat at all. Then watch a tv show/movie while eating snacks. Then have a nap. Then watch something again while playing with my dogs and eating snacks. Another nap. Chat with my friends on whatsapp. Watch something, eat, and play with my dogs. Then beauty sleep. If I had a bath tub, I’d definitely spend a long time to bath with bath bomb as well while tumblr-ing using my phone and listen to the music.
6. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
8. What are your favorite TV shows?
Gossip girl, the big bang theory, how I met your mother, modern family, 2 broke girls, nikita, chuck, once upon a time, pretty little liars, melissa and joey, trophy wife, hana yori dango.
9. Do you have any pets?
A dog
10. What is your earliest memory?
I cried during a trip because my father had to go back home earlier than the rest of us because of work.

December 29, 2013

Gandaria City

My mom suddenly wanted to watch a movie yesterday. So we went to Gancy to watch Ronin 47. I suggested to watch the hobbit at first since I though she wouldn’t be interested to watch ronin 57 but she suggest the idea first. So Ronin 47 it is! 
I got home at around 4:30pm. After resting for like an hour, we went to Gancy. I was still so full but my mom’s already hungry so we went to the food court to have dinner. I only ate kerupuk of asinan (I don’t like veggies anyway). I love asinan! The kerupuk only though lol.
I also had Snow Ice as a dessert (and I regretted this very much later on).
I felt sooooo fulllll after eating this. It’s only ice but I wish I didn’t eat that -_- It’s delicious though LOL.
We went to H&M afterwards. It’s my first time going there although it’s opened 1 or 2 months ago. I wrote a post when it wasn’t opened yet some time ago. I bought 2 tops and 1 legging. It’s batman logo patterned legging and a superman logo top. I kinda like batman now since I saw kento bought a batman comic when he was in USA LOL. The other top has some shocking pink strikes on it so I bought it lol. I haven’t taken pics of them though.
I also bought an earring and pluggies there. I’ve only taken pics of the pluggies though.
The bunny was cute at first. Then I plugged it and it get scary -_- It looks like this from the front side.
The red eyes make the bunny look like a scary evil alien -_- The side is much cuter with a heart on it.
I met one of my colleagues in H&M. She’s waiting for his bf there. She said the tops and legging that I buy are really “me”.
Then we bought lots of puyo again! And they’re mostly taro flavoured ones this time.
We also went to the supermarket because I wanna buy brem bali. I really love brem very much. But there’re only 2 left on the shelf so I bought 2 of them. And I’ve eaten all of them now……
I also found lidi! It’s one of my favourite not healthy snack lol.
Finally it’s almost the time of the movie so we went to the cinema. My mom watched it because she wanna see keanu reeves. I watched it because I wanna see Akanishi Jin. I didn’t even know who keanu reeves is. I prolly have watched it in pther movies but I just don’t remember western actors’ names. I thought he’s a rapper.
I was sooooo excited every time I see Jin on the movie. I wish he’d play a lead role on his next movies So I could see more of him lol. And I’m kinda sad he’s got no topless scene on 47 ronin lol. Even though he’s not my ichiban anymore, and pretty old already, but he’s still hot handsome hot as always LOL!

Another M’s Birthday

I went to M’s birthday yesterday. She celebrated it in ikkudo ichi at alsut this year. I ate ikkudo buta kara as always. It was pretty great. I met my high school classmates. I haven’t met most of them since months or a year ago. I didn’t feel happy though. I don’t have a reason to hate them, but I hate most of them. I didn’t. I do. And none of the pictures taken turned out great. I didn’t look great on those pics.
What the hell happened to my legs and my hair? Why am I the only one who’s not getting skinnier? fck.
I don’t even remember what we talked there. I think I didn’t talk much. I didn’t even catching up with any one of them. They weren’t interested with my life, why the heck would I be interested with theirs?
Anyway, here’s the present I & T got for M.
and the cute paper bag!
M told me to come at 1pm. I arrived at around 1pm. But I and T wrote the HBD on the pot first and wait for the paint to dry first. So we went to the restaurant at 2pm, along with C and R who were waiting in C’s car as well. Idk what the hell they were waiting for. M was with her 2 friends already.

December 28, 2013


I’m sleepy but I still wanna listen to this song. I just heard this song on shokura premium yesterday. KAT-TUN was on shokura premium!! Are they old already? lol. They performed a few songs there but I like 4U the most. Now I can’t stop listening to it and I’m sleepy I wanna sleep but I still wanna listen to it. What should I do…….?
Although I’m actually glad that I still like new KAT-TUN songs. I used to like their songs because they’re different compared to other groups. I didn’t really listen to them anymore since Akanishi left because he was my ichiban on KAT-TUN and I was already into HSJ at that time (and I’m currently into sexy zone). Then Koki left and I kinda doubt if I would like to any of their songs anymore. Yes and I’m glad. But no more rap + beat box combo….. I’m still sad about it :(

December 27, 2013


My bangs is long and annoying now! Yet I’m too lazy to cut it……. 
I’m going to Alsut tomorrow for M’s birthday. I posted about her birthday last year. It’s been a year. I wouldn’t even remember her birthday if she didn’t invite me to go to her birthday lunch a few days ago. This year’s gone really fast. I wonder what will happen next year…….
I’m so broke this month so I can’t afford a gift for M on my own. So I & T are gonna give her a cactus as a gift. I wanted to give her something that she could bring anywhere but I remember that she always lose most of the things she has whenever she’s drunk. So cactus it is.
I somewhat like the sexy lips effect on camera 360. So here it is again! LOL
what the hell happened to my right eye…………………………

December 26, 2013

2 Broke Girls

I just finished watching 2 broke girls up to the latest episode! I can’t wait for the next episode! Soooooooo will caroline end up with a married man? I can’t wait for the next episode!!!!!
I didn’t do much either to day. I didn’t go anywhere. I had burger king’s swiss mushroom for dinner.
I haven’t eaten anything sweet after the dinner. I feel unfinished! 
I’ve finished 2 broke girls and I’m running out of tv shows now. I wonder what I should watch next……
My classmates were bitching about the letters that my uni sent to their houses. There’re scores and such on that letter and their parents see them and they got scolded. One got scolded because he often skipped classes. Why the hell did he skip classes if he knows his parents are that scolding parents type -_- 

a few pics of my dog

I also took a few pics of my dog using camera 360

Camera 360

I downloaded a new app on my S4. It’s camera 360! I’d never been interested to download that app. But I wanted to download a new photography app so I decide to download the one on the top of top free list lol.
I took a few pics to test it out.
and I just know that the app’s the one that gives orange lips effect aka sexy lips lol
I just realized the quality isn’t so good using the front camera though…. I’ll try using the back camera later~ There’s a camera app for iOS that makes the front camera quality isn’t as crap as it should be. Sadly it’s not available for android….

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!!

It’s Christmas! And I’m sleepy. I’m gonna sleep now. Maybe. I still wanna reblog some things but the app’s showing the pictures slowly. Anyway,  Merry Christmas everyone!

December 24, 2013

Onigiri Dance

Finally someone posted the pics of the event! Not all of them though, only the after-event ones. I danced the onigiri dance from koisuru fortune cookie by AKB48 a lot that day. Most pics of me were me doing the dance with overly happy face -_-

Christmas Eve

It’s christmas eve! I didn’t go anywhere today. I slept a lot today. I wish I slept more though. I have 2 weeks holiday and I’ll definitely do my best to sleep a lot this holiday! LOL
I ordered the sensational “prosperity burger” from mcdonalds today.
I don’t know whether it’s really happening right now but my mom said so a few days ago.
I’ve been doing 2 broke girls marathon as well.

December 23, 2013

A lot of food

My mom bought 20 puyo last Saturday! and there’s only 4 left now lol
I really love the silky dessert! I think it’s made of soy milk with yoghurt. My mom said it contains yoghurt. So I hope I’m not getting fat because of puyo!
I went to GI with my mom yesterday. I bought milky way puddings! I wanted to buy the green tea one but it’s sold out so I bought the milky berry and chocolate one~
and also a cake in a jar…. it’s nutella red velvet but it’s not as good as I expected…..too much butter and I don’t like the butte-ry flavour….
aaaaand finally CoCo Ichibanya Curry has opened its first store in Indonesia! I really love coco’s curry!!!! I went to CoCo at Terminal 21 in Bangkok last May and I really love the omelette curry that I ate! I ordered the omelette curry again but this time with creamy mushroom + the fried chicken topping
it’s just so good I love it I wish they’ll open a branch in the mall where I live nearby. The place wasn’t that big so even though it’s just recently opened but I have to wait to get a seat!
I also bought this super hot macaroni near my campus last Saturday. I know it’s not healthy at all but it’s so delicious and hot and addicting LOL. I love spicy food!
I also finally got to try the ice cream from ron’s laboratory! I wanted to buy the red velvet one but it’s sold out so I bought this one. It’s dark chocolate and since it’s dark chocolate so it’s bitter. 
My mom bought the avocado with espresso injection. The value of this ice cream parlor is they serve some of the toppings inside an injection. 
I’ve read reviews about ron’s laboratory and there’s really nothing special about

6th day

Finally the event ended!! The last day was Saturday, and it ended earlier than I expected. I didn’t do much either but live-updating through social media. The final competitions were held at the same time on the 2nd and 3rd floor so I was busy going up and downstairs -_-
There’s a special performance again after the closing ceremony. However we didn’t borrow the good expensive sound system, so it kinda failed since the songs didn’t really come out clearly through the free - provided sound system which was my uni’s.
I wanna post pics of the last day but no one’s shared it and I only have a few…..
It’s the last day and everyone’s having dark circles under their eyes LOL. We’ve been working really hard for 6 days! We definitely didn’t have enough sleep. I was always delighted whenever I have class because it’s the only time I could sleep lol. I slept for an hour in a class last Friday. I was shock when I wake up because the professor had started teaching and most of the students were in the class already lol. When I was about to sleep the class’s still pretty empty. I also slept during the calculus class for the first shift (100 minutes). 
I went home and sleep pretty early. I was glad I did my best for the last event of this year. Finally I’m having holiday now and it’s time to hibernate! LOL

December 18, 2013

3rd Day

I went home even later yesterday than the 1st day. But I didn’t plan to attend the morning briefing so I could have enough time to sleep. It’s a bad idea but I also had to extend my parking card else my car wouldn’t be able to get out of the apartment.
I watched Once Upon a Time last night. I really love the series!! but it’s on break now and I really can’t wait till March!!!
I arrived at campus at 12pm or so and I didn’t really know what to do since I don’t attend the morning briefing -_- So I just did whatever I could think of. There’s a guest star performance today. He’s the winner of Indonesian The Voice.
There’s a seminar as well. It’s more like a promotion of a sponsor though rather a seminar -_- I was asked to live tweet about it. Because the other person was kicked out from the auditorium. I wanted to quote something from the speakers, but they don’t talk anything important so I didn’t post any quote from them -_-
The audiences weren’t as much as we wish but still much crowder than I expected.
The evaluation wasn’t too bad today. But one person messed up since he’s asked to be the LO for a media partner but he shows up late. Some of them thought that once the seminar’s over, we’ve finished our jobs which is sooooo wroooooong. So I told them that we still have to promote about the game competitions, to invite people to come to our stand to play mini games, to watch performance every recess, and many more. I also told them to keep the good work till the event ends because last year once the evaluation was good then the next day went bad again -_-

Then we had GR for tomorrow’s special performance. It didn’t go as fast as I expected. I really wanna go home earlyyyyy! I went home earlier than the 1st and 2nd day though

December 16, 2013

1st Day

Today’s the first day of the event!! I woke up at 5am and go to campus at 5:45am. The morning briefing was started late at around 6:30am although it’s scheduled at 6am. 
My classes started at 1pm so I have plenty of time to work. The coor had a class at 11am so I somewhat take care of her work while she’s gone. I wish the members of promotion division could be more active and work on their own will. They definitely rested too much. 
I don’t really like my coor though. I told her some things that might make the promotion more effective but she just wouldn’t listen to me -_- And whenever she asked me to take care of something she never tell me how she wants them to be done -_- since we clearly have different minds,……
The evaluation wasn’t as bad as I thought. I joined the practice of the special committees performance afterwards. Then I arrived at home at 11pm.
I have to be at campus at 6am tomorrow. I wonder if I could get up tomorrow morning………

December 15, 2013


I had a technical meeting yesterday. I arrived at campus at 1pm. The meeting should start at 1pm but it didn’t. It started at around 1:30pm because everyone loves being late. I didn’t pay attention much. Then the meeting finished. I just went home right away because I wanna rest. There’s nothing I want more but a good sleep, 
I went home. I didn’t sleep though. I decided to re watch this week’s episode of the big bang theory. I’ve watched it on Friday, like half of it, then I fell asleep. I also watched nikita yesterday. Then I and my mom went to the mall. I wanted to eat at fish and co but there’s one of my classmates who’s incredibly annoying. So I decided to have dinner at pepper lunch instead. I had pepper steak as always.
Then I went to a dept store to buy an orange t-shirt since I didn’t have one and it’s a dress code for the freaking event. I & my mom also looked for christmas gifts for my cousins so we go to the toys area. I’ve bought a birthday present for one of my cousins a long time ago and I haven’t given it yet so it becomes a christmas present as well lol. It’s that nerf gun I bought months ago. Hid older brother will get a R/C car, and the girl will get a random phone toy or whatever that is since she’s still a toddler. 
I saw a hello kitty watch I’ve wanted for a loooong time and it’s discounted! Since I didn’t bring any money with me so I ask my mom to buy it for me lol. Here’s my new hello kitty watch!!!
Even the box is sooooo cute~
I actually don’t like those fake crystals around the watch though but I love the gold and black color combi.