November 25, 2013

when I’m too lazy to study

I’m really lazy to blog lately. I had calculus mid term exam today. It wasn’t good at all. I studied quite well last night. I got sleepy and I couldn’t study anymore so I decide to sleep for an hour and a half. But I slept in. So I only studied half of the materials. Then the questions asked was like three times harder than the exercise I have. So I couldn’t do it, If the questions weren’t that hard, I’d probably be able to solve them.
BTW, I finally got the fish and chips voucher yesterday! I used it today. My examination was in the morning so I go to the mall right after I went out from the class. It was funny because only people who couldn’t do the exam go out early, including me LOL.
I ordered a drink though, and it was expensive. It’s frozen margarita. I didn’t taste any alcohol in it though. But they put salt on the glass. I didn’t enjoy it. It was salty, sour, and no alcohol. The salt reminded me when I was drinking with my classmates. I drank a lot that night. I thought the plate where the salt was is the ash tray so I put the ash from my cigarette there LOL.
Actually, I just ate fish and chip last Saturday because I didn’t get the free voucher until yesterday. It was the Japanese Fish and Chips. It was served with soba sauce. So it tasted like japanese food. The fish had mozarella inside and I really love it, and black sesame seeds which I’m not a fan of.
Then I had pizza yesterday
and I got free red velvet dessert from pepper lunch again today!
I love this red velvet! 
and my mom bought martabak nutella again! this time with cheese!!!

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