November 12, 2013

Silver Moon

I’m so sleepy!!!! I slept pretty late last night and I have to wake up early in the morning. I had to do my photoshop assignment last night. I didn’t do it right after I got home so I finish the homework at midnight.
My classmate said that we could make any logo we want, no theme assigned. When I submitted it today, I just know that there’s actually a theme assigned for it, damn -_- So I was actually asked to make a logo for a photo sharing app. But I made a logo of “Silver Moon”. I was thinking about creating a fandom website for Sexy Zone’s fans. Silver Moon is the title of their song. My first idea wasn’t Silver Moon either. It was “Sexy Rose”, a lyric in the Sexy Zone song entitled “Sexy Zone”. But I thought it’s not so appropriate to use the word “Sexy” so I decide to make the Silver Moon instead.
I’ve made several logos in high school for my art & design assignments. I personally thing this one’s not a good logo at all. No meaning of this and that, no research and doodles whatsoever. I just made it using a font available on my laptop and a brush. I was pretty stressed out making this one because I have a “standard” for creating a good logo (thank you A level examination you made my life pretty miserable). If I were asked to grade this logo, I’d grade it as U, E max -_- However I don’t think the people in my uni who’ll grade this will grade it like an A level examination. I think they just wanna make sure if we could use photoshop or not, with some effects and such -_-
However since I didn’t make it based on the theme assigned, so my grade will definitely not be good -_- whatever

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