November 21, 2013

Passer Baroe

I have an entrepreneurship project coming up soon. My group decided to open a nail art business. So I went to Passer Baroe aka Pasar Baru last last Monday with one of my team mates to buy the materials.
I was too lazy to drive on my own because the traffic jam would make me go mad. So I rode the BRT aka Bus Rapid Transit aka Transjakarta to go there lol. The last time I rode the BRT, I waited for a while till the right bus arrived (I almost got to the wrong bus). This time, I waited for a looooong time until the right bus arrive (again). Then I waited again during the transition -_- My teammate had arrived while I was still waiting for the bus. I’d perhaps reach to Pasar Baru in about in less than 30 min if the waiting time for the bus wasn’t insanely long. Because I was only on the bus for a short time!
Then I finally arrived at Pasar Baru. It’s my first time to be there! My team mate said the stores we’re going to visit were at the back side and she’s waiting in KFC so I went to KFC. I saw a KFC logo but I didn’t see the restaurant so I ask a person nearby. The KFC was actually upstairs and I had to take the super small elevator, half size of normal small elevator. Claustrophobic people won’t go to that KFC for sure. But my teammate wasn’t there so I asked the cashier guy if there’s any other KFC and he said there’s another one, so she must be in that KFC. I went down using the super tiny elevator again and look for that other KFC. 
I didn’t see any logo of KFC anymore so it must be somewhere in a building because the person said it’s on the 2nd floor. Then I asked an old guy who sold some things but he doesn’t know. So I just randomly walked into a building that has escalators. I asked to the security guards there and there’s KFC in the 2nd floor. Yay!
I finally met my team mate but I was so thirsty and hungry so I buy food first. Then we went to look for the materials we need. Sadly the most important thing we looked for wasn’t available so we ended up only buying fake nails and fake diamonds. Really really really a waste of time and energy -_-
Then we went to our campus to continue the paper we’re doing with the rest of our team mates. We rode the BRT. The waiting time during the transition was even more insane!!! We waited for almost an hour! The next transition was the station near to my apartment and she just can’t wait for the bus anymore. So we went to the campus taking my car instead.
We arrived at campus. I didn’t really do anything do anything though. I was too lazy to do such papers after waiting for a damn long period of time just to ride a bus. It’s actually mid term examination period now but my first exam is still on next Saturday. The hotel & management students have a really interesting exams. We watched them dancing according to the country the randomly got. There were English dancing, Russian dancing, and Egyptian dancing (I didn’t see this one though, but they’re wearing egyptian clothes), and many other countries. They also had booths and selling the food from each country. It’s really a great idea to have an examination like that!

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