November 22, 2013

Moo Latte

I got another gift from the GALAXY GIFT! It’s Cappuccino Moolatte from Dairy Queen. Although I’m not a big fan of cappuccino, but who doesn’t want a free drink?
It’s pretty hard to get the gift recently. They’re all always gone less than 5 minutes o.O Many people might have the app now. I didn’t get the red velvet again yesterday. Today they’re gonna giving the the best fish and chip from fish & co!! I wish I’d get it!!!! I’ve somewhat craving for fish and chip for a while now. They’re also gonna give the oreo blizzard from dairy queen. When I redeemed the moolatte yesterday, the blizzard seems very tempting that it was so hard to not buy it. I also just know that there’s Pancious at the other mall near my apartment so I think I’ll take the gift the next time it’s available.
P.S. I have lots of shits due on Saturday and I’ve only done like 10% of it. I’m so screweeeeeeeeeeed. And I just reblogged pretty lots of stuff instead of queueing them.

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