November 9, 2013


I’m so sleeeeeeepy. My class started at 7:20am today so I had to wake up at 5am. I didn’t listen to anything at the class because the professor doesn’t really teach the subject anything either. He just kept bragging about his things and my stupid classmate just realized that that professor likes to show things off. 
The class ended at 11am. I went to the booth while waiting for a meeting at 1pm. There’s really nothing to do there but talking with my colleagues. Someone brought a blonde wig to the booth and some of them randomly tried it and pretend to be my brothers lol. I just knew that there’s a person whom I thought he’s also an activist as well but he actually isn’t. He often hangs out with the senior activists so I thought he’s one of them -_-
Finally the meeting started and I don’t really listen anything. I just talked with my senior there. There were lots of juniors who’s currently still under examination to be activists. My senior couldn’t be his usual self which is friendly and easy going and such because he’s one of the discipline members for the junior leadership training possibly next month. So he gotta look scary and such lol. I just realized that perhaps this is the reason the seniors don’t go to the booth as often as before. So I just teased him most of the time so he’d lose his scary character in front of the juniors lol. I’m so evil. 
Then I went to LW to meet T there. I thought there’d be others as well but she didn’t tell the others so it’s only the two of us. We planned to eat a lot of ice cream from different stores. But we only ate one ice cream in the end, and a pudding lol. We bought the ice cream from Ice Cream Gentong or whatever the name was. It’s the first time for me and I bought the green tea one.
T bought this one, it’s brownies flavor or something, I forget.
She couldn’t stop moving and this pic turns out bad -_-
We went to Ace Hardware and Informa again to see furnitures and such lol. I somehow love going to this place because the things sold there are interesting. 
Then we bought puddings from puyo. I bought the green tea one.
She bought the one with drink and I forget to take a pic of it. It was mango pudding with milky strawberry drink or something.
She’s going for a church mission in SF and she’ll go there next Monday. I’m glad though I could meet her before she goes although last Tuesday event made me upset -_- I gave the gift I bought for her. It’s the Turquoise Sky Yankee Candle along with a serving dish she bought for me a while ago lol. 
We took some pics together while eating the puddings.
I also posted one of them to my IG!
The mission will end in 2015 and she can only communicate with others using mails or e-mails. Are you trying to live in a stone age????? or ice age???? We don’t talk everyday but sometimes I need to talk to her about some things that only her stupid smart brain could understand lol, mostly about some weird odd strange topics though. Anyway, good luck there! Perhaps she’ll be back using those sisters outfits lol. I definitely wanna see her using that kind of outfits.

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