November 9, 2013

Chibi Berry & Shinjuku Smile

I arrived at LW earlier than T. I hadn’t had lunch so I went to roppan to buy something to eat. I bought these cute chibi berry and shinjuku smile.
I rarely buy strawberry flavoured food because I’m not really a fan of it although I love pink color. I don’t really like sour flavored food. But I suddenly wanna eat one so I bought the chibi berry. I was really hungry yesterday because I didn’t have breakfast as well so I buy another one. I always love eggs especially the sunny side up ones so I bought the shinjuku smile. The name’s are so cute. As expected from a japan inspired restaurant lol.
Then I went to Toys Kingdom. I was looking for something to give to my cousin for his birthday. I really didn’t know what will be a good present for him since I’ve got a nerf gun for his lil bro which is really cool (according to me) lol. The one that caught my attention yesterday was a riffle which is really cool as well, It doesn’t really shoot anything like the nerf but it produce sounds of gun firing and the buzz as well lol. I’ve always loved those kind of things lol. But I didn’t buy it in the end since I don’t think I’ll meet my cousin soon. I’ll just buy it when I’m gonna meet him. And I bought this for myself instead.
A poo shaped pencil sharpener. And it’s pink!!! Who doesn’t love a pink colored shit? LOL I really don’t need this one but it’s so cute I couldn’t resist to buy it lol.

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