October 1, 2013


I actually wanted to blog since hours ago but I was just too busy with everything else -_-
I studied seriously in the class again yesterday.
The first class was interaction between human and computer but I still spaced out sometimes -_-
The second class was advanced object oriented programming. I didn’t listen to the professor at all when she was explaining about the theories but I did great during the practical lol.
The last one was English class and we were told to conduct a meeting. My group did a bad job on this -_- In my opinion, it wasn’t like meeting at all. But I just didn’t really care about it, it’s not the student organization meeting so it didn’t really matter to me although it actually will affect my score -_- but I got into bad mood because of that. Especially when one of the group member really didn’t take it seriously and we were already in panic mode. My job was to write the minute and the others somehow just did whatever they want which made me more upset.
My uni also has this point system which each student must have at least 120 so we could graduate which is really not necessary at all but it’s actually useful. The way to get the points is by being having certificates. The certificates can be achieved from attending seminars, holding events, and such. I’ve never really attended seminars but I’ve done 3 events so far in my first year and still counting. I also had a certificate from the leadership training done by my student org.

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