October 1, 2013

The Police

I was late this morning and I wasn’t counted as attending the class!!! and the maximum number of it is only once thus I couldn’t skip class/late again else I won’t be allowed to do the final exam -_-
I was late because the traffic jam was so fucking bad although I went to the campus earlier than usual yet I still arrived at my usual time. There’s this police who’s not there most of the time, and he definitely couldn’t handle the traffic jam at all, he’s just making it worse!!! He didn’t let the cars that wanna go straight to go, yet he kept making the cars from the opposite side of the road turn right thus we couldn’t go straight at all!!! and he didn’t do this evenly so we were stuck for a very loooooong time. I really was mad so I kept honking the horn for a very loooooong time as well. The taxi in front of my car didn’t dare to just go straight and cut that way too many cars who turned right and I was really stuck there. Because I kept honking the horn, the other cars start doing it as well and yet the police still didn’t realize what the fuck was wrong with him -_- I really hate the police!!!! Because of that stupid police I lost my attendance!!! If he did it evenly, I wouldn’t have lost the attendance!!! Fuck!!!!! Lots of my friends were late as well because of that stupid police and they were mad as well. 
The second class I have today was as boring as the last week meeting so I didn’t do anything but playing with my phone and talking to my friends. I was pretty amazed with myself though because I didn’t skip that class and most of my friends skipped it today because the attendance wasn’t strict for that class.
I arrived at home at 12pm and I just slept till around 5pm because I didn’t sleep enough last night. I think I won’t be able to sleep early again tonight because I’ve slept for 5 hours this afternoon. I won’t attend the morning class tomorrow though as it’s useless. I’ll go to the campus at around 10am, hopefully I won’t be late. I used to be okay for being late for every class ever since. But since the fucking play practice I had during summer I just feel that I don’t wanna be late anymore. Fuck this habit -_-

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