October 20, 2013

Syoss Hair Dye: Extra Light Ash Blonde

Most of people go to my blog because of the hair dye reviews I wrote, and mostly because of the Syoss one. Is syoss happening right now or what? lol. Anyway, I finally dyed my hair using the extra light ash blonde! 
I used two boxes because the last time I only use one box and it wasn’t enough. My hair’s pretty long already. Yay~! Here’s my hair before dyed with the extra light ash blonde. I should’ve bleached it till yellow as the dye was already fading and my hair got warmer because I only bleached it till orange…..


and the roots were visible already……

with flash….

The smell of the chemicals was so strong and my bathroom isn’t big and I felt like I was dying inside so I continue dyeing my hair in front of the bathroom -_- 
I didn’t expect my hair to get the same color as the expected result on the box. I was waiting and waiting and it’s almost an hour but I didn’t really see any difference but the roots…… Then I rinse it and let it dry naturally and here’s my hair now……..

It actually does get lighter, and the roots are covered pretty well!

with flash…….

However, my hair’s still warm!!!!!!!! Not as warm as before though….. but the ash tone doesn’t cancel the warmness as much as I expected. Or perhaps it’s just because I bleached it only till orange so the warmness will forever stay there -_-  I’m still sooooo dissapointed though….. Although I’m pretty delighted because the color gets lighter…… I wish I bleached my hair till yellow or white………………….
After seeing the pictures again and again, I think I’m pretty satisfied with this though. The warmness perhaps because of my own fault last month…. although the ash supposed to tone down the orange….. It’s actually not that warm on the “after” picture with the flash. And it did great job with the roots too! I think it’ll turn out nice on virgin hair although it won’t be the “extra light ash blonde” expected color like the one on the box.

EDIT: I just reuploaded the pics with my link on it. To whoever post my pic to soompi forum, can you at least reupload the pic with this updated version instead? or at least give some credit....... (applicable to anybody who has reuploaded my pic to somewhere else)


  1. This was helpful. I'm trying to get rid of the orangey tones in my hair too.

    1. Yup although the color didn't really show as my hair was still was brown or something... I did a strand test on my bleached yellow blonde hair a while ago and the color showed up was as light as the one on the box. It did cool down the brassy orange a little though...