October 20, 2013

Extra Light

I went to GI yesterday. I wanted to buy the syoss hair dye so I went to the supermarket there. I went to a drug store earlier to check the price to be compared later on with the ones on the spm. Then the ones in the supermarket were cheaper because they’re having this promotion about beauty or something…… So I bought three of them! LOL
I actually only need two boxes but they’re so cheap!! So I decided to buy one more for the roots when they’ve grown later on. They were around $6 each but discounted to only $4!!! So I couldn’t help myself to buy them lol~ I don’t expect my hair will turn to this colour though….. My current hair is bleached kinda yellow/gold blonde and it’s getting warmer and brassier so sometimes it’s a little bit orange so I wish this color will make that stupid brassiness on my hair go away. Perhaps my hair will turn a little darker from the picture on the box….. because my hair isn’t light blonde. I’ll be amazed if my hair will turn to be exactly like the picture on the box!
I’m kinda nervous when thinking what the others will say with my new hair next Monday….. I’ve had enough people stare at me because of my current hair. I wish Indonesians are more “blonde” friendly because being being stared by strangers is so annoying, I feel like something’s wrong with me -_-

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