October 21, 2013


It’s been more than a year since I joined tumblr using my old blog ! I’ve had one since I was a junior high school student. But that old blog is the second blog on my first tumblr account and since I don’t really like my main blog on that account so I decided to make a new account a few months ago which is this!
Things aren’t pretty good lately and I’ve never ever felt so suicidal before although I don’t literally wanna kill myself but I feel like it’s better to end this misery for good. 
BTW, I didn’t know that this season of once upon a time has aired for about a month. So I just started watching it today, it’s only 4 episodes though. I also wanna watch the spin off of it, once upon a time in wonderland. But I’m gonna continue the VN that I’m currently pretty addicted to lol.

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