October 31, 2013


I think my fever went to 39 deg C last night. I was so fuckin in hell -_- I couldn’t sleep well at all. I’ve been trying drinking the mineral water as much as I could but I’m not really a fan of it especially on sick days.
I went to the hospital today with my mom and I think my fever wasn’t as high as last night but it’s almost 39 C when I was checked. The doctor said it might be the symptoms of dengue fever or typhus. They got my blood to be checked and the result was luckily negative.
I got dengue fever 2 years ago so I thought I won’t get one anymore, but the doctor said there’s 4 types of dengue fever and I still might get another three.
I got 4 medicines from the doctor but I’m only drinking 3 of them now. Because one med is for the stupid diarrhea but it’s luckily stopped. My fever went down and I’m finally able to get a nice nap this afternoon. But it kinda goes up again and I’m feeling weak again.
I got a nice lunch and dinner though. My appetite’s not good at all but since I have to eat so I ordered nice food. I had pepper steak from pepper lunch for dinner!
and tune melt pizza from pizza hut!
I also had the chicken wings with cheese sauce for dinner. I took a pic and I did make sure to keep still till it’s saved but I didn’t get the pic and it turned out like this
stupid phone -_-

October 30, 2013


I'm having diarrhea and I feel so sick
I feel so cold although I'm under my super thick blanket. I'm even using my long sleeves pj!
OMG I feel like I'm dying -_-

Ex whaaaaaat

So last friday was the excursion day of the event. I went to the campus early in the morning because they said there’d be a bus which will bring us to the meeting place. I met with G, L, and one of the professors at the campus and we’re looking for the bus. We didn’t really know which one was the bus so we just rode the shuttle bus instead. 
I arrived at the meeting point and go check my teams + coach. However, only the coach and the chinese team joined the excursion because the other teams were gonna go somewhere else with their own friends. I only saw the coach eating the breakfast at the lobby so I get a food to eat as well lol. They provided us rice and something and I don’t like eating that kind of food early in the morning so I just bought a bread and a chocolate brownie in a mini market there. 
After all of the contestants went inside the bus and we the committees have finished doing our stuffs, we finally went to the first destination which is the Museum of Bank Indonesia. I was told to give some announcements and such on the bus because I was sitting at the front row and (un)fortunately I could speak English pretty well, although the first one was kinda messed up because I was nervous -_- We went there by two buses. The committees from the student org + contestants + judge + coaches rode the big bus, and the professors used the small bus along with food and such lol.
I’ve been to the museum when I was still an elementary school student. It’s changed much since then. It’s gotten nicer and prettier and cooler and high-tech-er lol. I took a few pics but I’m not on any of the pictures. I should have used the rear + front cameras mode -_-
I was supposed to accompany my team + coach there, however I lost them there like most of the time -_- I finally found the team and they were with the tour guide so I just accompany the coach who’s left behind because he’s taking pictures. I learned saying “let’s go” in mandarin so I kept saying zhou ba zhou ba there lol. One of the member said I should just say it in english because I sound stupid LOL
We went around the museum a little bit because there’s an hour free time until we could go to the next place. It’s my first time going to the old town and I saw some things I’ve never seen before. There’s a street artist who does portrait drawing just like the ones in Paris. There’s also people who somehow were tattooing on the street. A lot kinds of people I’ve never seen in Jakarta before and they’re pretty interesting. I felt like a tourist there because I know nothing lol.
Then we went to Monas. We had lunch first on the bus before we went inside the monas. I also chatted with my colleagues about random things there. Since I just learned to say “zhou ba” so I kinda brag about it and I also know the words “wo bu zhi dao”. Some of my colleagues also know this words. But one of them who didn’t know mandarin at all asked what means and we all said “don’t know” and she get upset because she thought we don’t know the meaning. Meanwhile the meaning of those words is “don’t know” for real LOL Then I kinda messed up the announcement again and one my team members left his wallet on the bus so I, W, and him went back to the bus to get it. We were like left behind and his team mates + coach was looking for him lol. I also forgot to tell my team + coach we were going back to the bus. Sorry! XD and I stupidly didn’t take a picture of me in front of the monas -_-
We went inside the monas. There’s a tour guide who’s explaining about the Indonesian independence history but he didn’t use full English when explaining so I had to translate the Bahasa part to my team. I didn’t really listen to the tour guide so I end up asking my team what he’s talking about and they explained about the meaning of this and that to me lol. I’m just not Indonesian enough XD I took a picture there and again I’m not in the pic -_-
But, I asked the coach whose hobby is photography to send the pics that have me on it and he’s sent it soooooo here’s the picture taken by his camera!
Thanks for the pic, Lancelot! (R to L) Bi Lau Yue (or whatever the pinyin is), Lancelot, me, Li yang, Da Sen!
When we were inside monas, I lost da sen and I didn’t remember his name yet and fortunately I didn’t lose his team mates and coach so I asked li yang what’s da sen’s name and he said da sen so I just shouted his name and finally find him with the others at the front lol. The only name I could remember is Bi Lau Yue’s because he introduced himself using English name after I was super confused trying to pronounce li yang and da sen’s name correctly -_- I didn’t even remember li yang’s name until I asked him again before I asked da sen’s name. So da sen’s actually his nick name and since I didn’t know about it I don’t trust him when he said his name is something liang. I thought he’s pretending to be li yang lol. So whenever I called him da sen he kinda refused it and the other chinese people who were the contestants from Taiwan just laughed. I googled the meaning of da sen and the meaning’s great god or something so I think he must be really good at something….. I also said zhou ba lots of time and the others just kept laughing whenever I said that. I just couldn’t say it correctly lol. 
Then we went to Grand Indonesia as our last place for the excursion. We had free time there but as an escort I had to accompany them. Since they’re all boys so we went to sport stores -_- We also went to the place where they sell Indonesian stuffs. It’s also my first time going to that store that deep because I usually only go to the front side since the prices there are pretty expensive. I was asked about some things like what’s this what’s that and I could only answer a few of them and they again started questioning about my nationality because I know only a little about Indonesian LOL. We also went to the apple store, muji, and android store. I suddenly got my period so it was quite a hell for me to go wandering around the mall that day -_- There’s this snake doll thing and bi lau yue said holy shit when he see it so I just said let’s make them look like a shit lol. The coach and li yang bought postcards and they ask me to send it for them because they’re leaving on Saturday and it’s friday afternoon already. And the employee where the postcards sold told us that the post office is closed on saturday and sunday. So I still have one last job to do!
I didn’t get to really know them until we were in GI. We talked quite a lot there. The dinner was provided and it’s KFC and again it’s hell for me to drink soda on my first day of period -_- I also ate quite a lot so I was full and the period make it even worse -_- The coach said his hobby is photography, and SG is a small country so it’s better to have a hobby while there else you’ll spend your time just programming and coding for like 12 hours a day. I was like wow no wonder they got into this competition. Another amazing conversation was when suddenly da sen talk about why java was named java. They they somehow just talked about it and I was like unbelievable why are they talking about this I and my friends have never talked about such things (I tried talking about this yesterday in class with E, and it’s epic fail -_-). So I said “why are you talking about this? isn’t it in the textbook? why are you talking about the thing inside textbook?” because for me what’s in textbook stay inside the textbook LOL. They also asked me what lessons I’m currently learning in the school and I didn’t (don’t) really remember about them so I could only name a few of them lol. The talk we had were pretty random but amazing but fun and I’m glad I finally could speak in English without being afraid someone will say “show off” or something like that. 
Da sen wanted to buy something to eat so I accompany him and li yang. We were wandering around the food court area. I saw pempek and I tell them that it’s my favourite indonesian food and somehow after talking in mandarin they decided to buy it. I’m glad I could recommend some things to them although I don’t know a lot of things Indonesian LOL. I asked da sen the day later about the food and he said it’s good so I’m relieved my recommendation isn’t bad XD I didn’t really get to speak with da sen because he walked fast so I just speak with li yang and he’d translate it to mandarin and speak to da sen lol. He wanted to buy sushi at first, but since he’s bought the pempek so he decided to just buy the sushi after going back to singapore.
We went back to the place where they were staying. Unfortunately the coach left his key room on the table so he has to pay the fine for that. Before they went back to their rooms, I thanked them again for the past three days because they’ve given me the chance to learn a lot of new things and improve my english speaking skill lol. But really, I’m grateful to them else there’s just no other place where I could speak in English even though I really wanna get better in speaking -_- I was kinda sad because I couldn’t meet the other two teams and said my thanks to them. Although I was exhausted doing my job but being with them was fun so I don’t regret it at all.
I’ve done a few events and I think this one’s the one I like the most and I’ll definitely do this one again next year! 

October 29, 2013

why am i still tired huhhhhh

I’m sleepy. I haven’t blogged about the last day of the event. I wanna write about it but it’ll be pretty long and I’m sleepy and I wanna sleep. I’m afraid I’m forgetting any homework or project due tomorrow but I think there’s none. I think.
I didn’t go to the meeting yesterday because my “bowel movement” was so wrong. It’s still wrong till this morning. I think I didn’t eat anything weird so why did it happen to me??
I’m sleepy and I wanna sleeeeeeeeep!!!!

October 27, 2013

The Contest

I’m still exhausted because of the event. It ended yesterday. It’s a 3 days event. I don’t have much pictures or the pictures with the teams because they hasn’t been uploaded yet.
So I was the escort for the teams from NTU. I really don’t like that they use the word “escort” here because it usually is more used to call “those women(or guys as well perhaps)”. I wasn’t assigned to do this job at first because I was only a replacement of other person who couldn’t help during the event. But they weren’t so sure with one particular person who said he could speak english so they changed it to be me. The funny thing is, during the second day of the event, he was asked from one member of the team which I was in charged of to get her a drink, but he sent her to the toilet instead LOL. 
The first day………………. I went to campus at around 7am because we had a briefing before the event’s started. We also had a pretty nice breakfast. This was actually not the student org’s event, but we helped the school of computer science professors doing this event. So we got nice food, nice nametags, nice t-shirt, and other nice things lol. It’s the asia regional programming contest and the top 3 got to do the world final.
There were lots of team who go into the regional contest, so lots of escorts as well. Most of my colleagues who’re also the escorts only got one team to take care of but I got three which was pretty challenging. We were introduced on the stage and got to see the teams from there. I definitely couldn’t remember their faces at all so I got them before they moved on from their seats.
My job was to help them if they need anything,  answer whatever they asked, and accompany them while they’re in the campus. Two teams consisted of vietnamese and one team consisted of chinese, and somehow they just didn’t really hang out with each other so I was like going here and there and looking for them all the time. There’s also one coach who accompanied them. Apparently the coach was only the coach of the chinese team and the vietnamese teams has their own coach which’s form NUS. So whenever I was accompanying one team, I always lost the other two teams. Then I got to find them and when I find them, I lost another one and it just kept repeating like that -_-
There were trial contest and I just waited outside the room where they were in so I was just talking with my fellow escorts outside. During the free time, I talked to the vietnamese teams for the first time. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever talked to vietnamese people as well. Some of them have pretty good english although I still had a little difficulties while listening to them. I got to improve my singlish! The one person who spoke really clearly and I could understand it all was the coach and he kinda reminded me of my IT teacher in high school. I couldn’t really understand the chinese team at first as well but luckily one of them spoke pretty clearly as well. I didn’t really get to know them till the last day because I was too busy doing my job -_-
They asked me for a place where they could have dinner at that night and actually invite me to join them however I couldn’t make it because I had the evaluation meeting in the evening after all of the contestants go back to the place where they’re staying -_- I’d rather go with them than go to the evaluation meeting actually…… 
The second day was the competition day. I got to wake up so fuckin early in the morning and got to be at campus at 6am. The most fucking thing happened that morning was a motorcycle hit my car luckily my car’s okay -_-
Then the food for breakfast arrived late and the teams + coach have already arrived and I had to take care of them first. They got to eat breakfast and took pictures afterward and I still don’t know what the pictures are for. They’ve been published yet. The person who’s in charge of taking pictures were two students from the student org and one professor who was my OOP professor in the second semester.
Then I sent them to their contest rooms. One of the team didn’t have their own keyboard on their table so there’s 30 min delay for the contest. They left their own things like keyboards and mouse and such as instructed however they couldn’t find their keyboard. I just knew this after one of the member approached me and she tell me that they don’t have their keyboard so I went back to that room and tell the person who’s in charge for that kind of thing. The keyboard was still on the table they used on the trial contest the day before.
I was pretty excited for the teams I took care of although they’re not from my uni. I said good luck to all of them yet I don’t tell any to the team from my uni lol. It started at 9:30am and end at 2:30pm.
I finally got to eat breakfast after the contest was started although I was actually assigned to be with all of the coaches along with 4 other escorts in the lounge while waiting for the competition to end. But there’s plenty other committees there so I just went to the room where the breakfast was served. Then when I was eating my breakfast, suddenly a person came and said one member of the team needed a drink so I got mineral waters for her and got back to the room to continue eating my breakfast.
Then I went to the lounge and didn’t do much there unless answering the coaches questions and look after their belongings while they’re away to eat lunch. When the contest almost ended, I have to stand by in front of their rooms. Apparently none of the teams were in the same room so I was pretty troubled because of this. It was so crowded and I have to gather all of the teams. I lost them a few times at that time -_- This also happened to some other escorts though because it really was crowded once the contest ended.
Then they might have their lunch and I send them to the room where they could get the lunch. One of them forgot his name tag’s still on the table where he did the contest and was worried they couldn’t eat lunch because the lunch coupon was there. The room was locked already so I asked other to find it while I told the person in charge of the lunch so he could get his lunch. The name tag was found but only the holder -_- T
he chinese team was always together with the coach and team mates so I don’t really worry about them. Meanwhile the vietnamese teams always hang out with their friends from NUS. So I talked to the only girl from NTU because she’s eating alone while her boyfriend was talking to others. I heard from the coach that she’s one of the vietnam representatives for international olympiad in informatics (IOI) so I ask her about that. She was surprised because I know about it and asked me who tell me about that and I said the coach. I also asked her how was the contest and she said they didn’t do it pretty well, they actually could do better.
Then after they finished eating, I sent them to photobooth to take another pictures. Then we went to the auditorium where the awarding ceremony was held. Two teams from NTU were actually on the 1st and 2nd position during the first one hour but when the contest end, only one team got into a high rank and it’s only the 5th place. The 1st one is the team from NUS. There’s also the IT minister of Indonesia came to give speech during the awarding ceremony.
And this is the person who’s in charge of the asia regional contest or something I forget………
There’s also a funny thing during the awarding ceremony. The MC said “amazing moment” a lot and we, the committees who sat at the back were so excited everytime he said amazing moment and we go crazy. He said it for more than 10 times, even my teams + coach couldn’t stop talking about it LOL. 
We had gala dinner after the awarding ceremony’s ended. There were lots of food but I didn’t eat much though. I kept losing my teams during the gala dinner as well -_- After they finished eating, they may go to the shuttle bus which will send them back to the place where they’re staying. I sent them to the bus and then go back upstairs for the evaluation meeting. 
I was so fuckin exhausted doing this event. I even had to drink energy drink in the morning else I’d be sooooo sleepy because of the lack of sleep and I’ll get angry easily.
The third day was the excursion day and it’s getting late and I think I’ll just post about it later since I have a meeting to attend later -_-

October 23, 2013


I just updated my S4 to the jellybean 4.3 and I don’t really notice anything visible but the reading mode.
I wanna blog about the first day of the event today but I’m soooo sleepy so I guess I’ll just write it tomorrow or when I’m not sleepy……

Maverick is Free!

There’s actually an event that I’m volunteering to be a volunteer today. But there’s also an apple event and lots of tech websites are liveblogging right now and I’m curious about what’re they announcing today so I’m following from gizmodo one. OS X Maverick is free! Yay! I hope it’ll be wonderful! 
Things are getting better yesterday although I’m still not really comfortable with everything. I arrived at the campus pretty early and I just stay in my car for 30min or so and then go to the classroom late.
I skipped the second class because some are skipping as well and I was sleepy so I decide to go home. I slept for about 2 hours then I go back to the campus to attend a briefing for the event today. It’s a programming competition and I’m gonna be an escort/LO for the teams from NTU. I’m not so confident with my english, and I’ll prolly will be hearing singlish and I’m pretty sucks at listening to singlish -_- I hope I’ll speak clearly and listen to them well enough and not spacing out and I’m actually excited about this event since quite some time ago but I’m not confident with my speaking skill soooooo I’m freaking out as well!

October 21, 2013


It’s been more than a year since I joined tumblr using my old blog ! I’ve had one since I was a junior high school student. But that old blog is the second blog on my first tumblr account and since I don’t really like my main blog on that account so I decided to make a new account a few months ago which is this!
Things aren’t pretty good lately and I’ve never ever felt so suicidal before although I don’t literally wanna kill myself but I feel like it’s better to end this misery for good. 
BTW, I didn’t know that this season of once upon a time has aired for about a month. So I just started watching it today, it’s only 4 episodes though. I also wanna watch the spin off of it, once upon a time in wonderland. But I’m gonna continue the VN that I’m currently pretty addicted to lol.

October 20, 2013

Syoss Hair Dye: Extra Light Ash Blonde

Most of people go to my blog because of the hair dye reviews I wrote, and mostly because of the Syoss one. Is syoss happening right now or what? lol. Anyway, I finally dyed my hair using the extra light ash blonde! 
I used two boxes because the last time I only use one box and it wasn’t enough. My hair’s pretty long already. Yay~! Here’s my hair before dyed with the extra light ash blonde. I should’ve bleached it till yellow as the dye was already fading and my hair got warmer because I only bleached it till orange…..


and the roots were visible already……

with flash….

The smell of the chemicals was so strong and my bathroom isn’t big and I felt like I was dying inside so I continue dyeing my hair in front of the bathroom -_- 
I didn’t expect my hair to get the same color as the expected result on the box. I was waiting and waiting and it’s almost an hour but I didn’t really see any difference but the roots…… Then I rinse it and let it dry naturally and here’s my hair now……..

It actually does get lighter, and the roots are covered pretty well!

with flash…….

However, my hair’s still warm!!!!!!!! Not as warm as before though….. but the ash tone doesn’t cancel the warmness as much as I expected. Or perhaps it’s just because I bleached it only till orange so the warmness will forever stay there -_-  I’m still sooooo dissapointed though….. Although I’m pretty delighted because the color gets lighter…… I wish I bleached my hair till yellow or white………………….
After seeing the pictures again and again, I think I’m pretty satisfied with this though. The warmness perhaps because of my own fault last month…. although the ash supposed to tone down the orange….. It’s actually not that warm on the “after” picture with the flash. And it did great job with the roots too! I think it’ll turn out nice on virgin hair although it won’t be the “extra light ash blonde” expected color like the one on the box.

EDIT: I just reuploaded the pics with my link on it. To whoever post my pic to soompi forum, can you at least reupload the pic with this updated version instead? or at least give some credit....... (applicable to anybody who has reuploaded my pic to somewhere else)

Extra Light

I went to GI yesterday. I wanted to buy the syoss hair dye so I went to the supermarket there. I went to a drug store earlier to check the price to be compared later on with the ones on the spm. Then the ones in the supermarket were cheaper because they’re having this promotion about beauty or something…… So I bought three of them! LOL
I actually only need two boxes but they’re so cheap!! So I decided to buy one more for the roots when they’ve grown later on. They were around $6 each but discounted to only $4!!! So I couldn’t help myself to buy them lol~ I don’t expect my hair will turn to this colour though….. My current hair is bleached kinda yellow/gold blonde and it’s getting warmer and brassier so sometimes it’s a little bit orange so I wish this color will make that stupid brassiness on my hair go away. Perhaps my hair will turn a little darker from the picture on the box….. because my hair isn’t light blonde. I’ll be amazed if my hair will turn to be exactly like the picture on the box!
I’m kinda nervous when thinking what the others will say with my new hair next Monday….. I’ve had enough people stare at me because of my current hair. I wish Indonesians are more “blonde” friendly because being being stared by strangers is so annoying, I feel like something’s wrong with me -_-


Finally Mk has opened in Jakarta!!! I think it’s opened for about a week!
I went to GI with my mom to have dinner at MK! We ordered quite a lot….. Shrimp balls, egg tofu, green noodles, roasted ducks, tofu skin, mushrooms, beef, triangle shaped crab something…….
I loooooveeee the green noodles! I even asked for one more portion of it! Although it showed up pretty late………. Since it’s from Thailand, some of the waiters and waitresses are Thai as well! Their voices reminded me when I was in Bangkok last May and make me wanna go back there to shop all day long lol

October 19, 2013


I didn’t go to the morning class yesterday. It’s on 7:20am and I just woke up at 7am! I thought my alarm didn’t ring but I ask my mom about it then she said the alarm did ring and I turned it off and somehow go back to sleep. I don’t even think I turned it off!! I must be really not having enough sleep -_-
So I went to the campus in the afternoon for a meeting, Then a substitute class till 5pm. Then I volunteered to help the org for the training of those who just recently applied to be activists and make it to the next stage -_- I went home at around 9pm although it wasn’t over yet. I got home at almost 10pm.
I was hungry so I bought this for dinner
I’m so sleepy and I wanna do nothing but sleep but my phone hasn’t been fully recharged yet -_-

October 18, 2013


My hair’s gone brassy so I want to dye my hair yesterday with the the color I want from syoss. But I didn’t find it yesterday so I’m pretty stressed out just because of the brassiness -_- I don’t wanna look like a ginger….
So I bought a treat to myself, buta kara ramen from ikkudo ichi!
I didn’t really plan to buy this one although I was craving for it. E and I kinda wanted to go to ikkudo for lunch, and so did A. But she changed her mind and wanna sleep instead and we were begging her to go to ikkudo for about an hour but it failed. I just went home alone and go to the mall to buy the hair dye although I didn’t find it in the end. Then later A’s mad at us because her jacket sleeves kinda expanded because of me and E. I thought she’s not actually mad at us but it turned out she really is mad at us -_- I might be wrong because made her sleeve expanded but she said she wanted to go with us at first and actually I was pretty disappointed when she changed her mind. I’ve been lacking social life lately so I really wanna hang out with my “friends” else I’ll feel really really lonely like I have no friends at all -_- no one’s really asked me to hang out with them anyway, perhaps I’m too sucks for them. I’m actually kinda traumatic because of this……. I think it’s better to just hang out alone……… why am I always alone…….????? I’m pretty depressed now…… I wish I won’t be one of those suicidal girls on the net….it’s too freaky…. why are they even thinking to suicide? yolo!
Anyway, I also bought this microwave popcorn….
some of them were overcooked though…..so it’s kinda bitter -_-
Then I slept for more than 3 hours because I only slept for less than 3 hours last night. Then I woke up and had my dinner -_-
I’m definitely getting fatter……………………

October 16, 2013

Bread Life

I’ve been eating these a lot lately. Today, the day before yesterday, a few days ago……..
This was my lunch today, rendang, potato and anchovies, and salted guck eggs.
But I get bored although they’re super delicious….. So I bought breads from Bread Life for my dinner today…
It’s crispy sandwich or something…..I forget the name….. It’s cheese-ham-chicken floss sandwich covered by puff pastry.
I also bought this delicious bread called mammamia. It had cheese and mayonnaise inside of it. The size wasn’t too big and it tastes really good!

Turquoise Sky

I finally understand how to convert from binary to decimal and vice versa!!! It’s last year lesson but I just understand it now after watching a video about it on youtube LOL.
I finally bought the tea light candle so I could melt the wax tart!
So I melted the turquoise sky wax tart!
and it turned out like this………………..
The smell’s nicer before it’s melted -_- the “salt” smell’s pretty strong after it’s melted…..
BTW, I was thinking to get eye surgery because my left eye is weirder and smaller than my right eye. Then I looked about it on somebody’s blog and it’s scary and now I’m scared to do it -_-


There’s calculus class last week and one of my friends showed up very late. When the class was already started, he asked in the group what we’re doing at that time. So we thought he forget about the class or simply sleep in. So we took a pic of us in the class (and me holding my notebook, yes I was taking notes! a miracle!) and send it to him.
He finally showed up like 2 hours later. He said he’s with his cousin or something. It’s a pretty funny day lol. Calculus is one of the most boring classes in the world so I need something interesting to survive lol.
I was miraculously taking notes that day, because I was too lazy playing with my phone. I’m pretty sure I won’t be studying from my notes as I was just copying the absurd formulas and numbers from the whiteboard lol. It’s pretty challenging to take notes during calculus class because the professor always goes really fast and sometimes I just lost what’s what and nothing I could say but “what the fuck”. That’s why I rarely take notes during calculus because I can’t write in lightning speed and I’d be left behind -_- So it’s better to just borrow the notes from someone later on. But I managed to take notes last week!
Although I eventually gave up in the end lol
I didn’t give up actually lol. I was taking rest while some students were called to solve problems on the whiteboard.


I made milo dinosaur yesterday. I put lots of the powder this time. But it wasn’t that cold yet so it kinda turned out weird……
Then I wanted it again later at night, but I was too lazy to make it again. So I ended up eating the milo powder lol.
I went to the mall last Monday and I bought Chatime’s mousse series for the first time. I bought the chocolate mousse. It turned out that it’s only a chocolate drink with whipped cream on the top of it.
I think I’ll try sakura sencha next. My bowel movement’s pretty bad lately. And I think there’s lots of gas in my stomach -_- I’ve taken laxative and drink lots of chocolates but my stomach still feels weird, probably because of the gas though -_-

October 15, 2013

New Shoes

I think I should be deleting most of my movies because they took pretty much spaces on my storage. My laptop’s storage is 700gb and it’s not only 177gb left. I used 100gb for windows 8 and almost 200gb for movies alone….. But I haven’t seen most of them and I’ve deleted all of my watched movies but my favourites…. I really need to spend more time watching movies than doing tv series marathon -_-
Anyway, I bought new flat shoes last Sunday! I told my mom there’s Payless in the mall beside my apt and she bought new shoes for work there. There’s actually a pair of sandals that I love but it’s still pretty expensive for “Payless” so I guess I’ll just get them when they’re discounted.
I bought the new shoes at The Little Things She Needs. I didn’t really plan on buying new shoes but they were having clearance sale which I could get two pairs for less than 100 bucks! So I just bought them since I don’t really have “many” shoes for school.
They’re old models. I’ve had one similar to the red black ones since quite a long time ago lol. I thought they’ve broken already but they’re still on the rack and I haven’t worn them for a pretty long time…..
I wasn’t sure to buy this one because the fabric isn’t so good anymore. I was thinking to buy the red jelly one because it’ll rain pretty often soon but I kinda need black shoes as well so I decided to get this one. And it turned out that I still have the silver black one of this -_- it’s okay though the red black one’s cool.
I’ve never had shoes in this color before. So why not? lol.

Tanaka Koki

OMG I just read aramatheydidnt and I just know that Tanaka Koki's fired from the agency!!!

I've never been a fan of him because I don't like his look and image but I'm shocked!!!!! I love KAT-TUN as the group and it's already a disappointment that Jin left the group a few years ago and now Koki???? Who's gonna be raping during their songs??? I love KAT-TUN because the group was so amazing and it's like each member has their own role and specialty that can't be replaced in the group.

There's a time when I was so into KAT-TUN and I don't really know about Koki but I think I've read somewhere that he's actually a nice guy (still not becoming his fan!). His latest scandalous pics were a bit too much though bit I still didn't think that the agency would fire him!! I read the news so there's several contract violations and he's done it repeatedly. I still can't believe he's fired?! I think he's pretty close with Yamada Ryosuke (I read a magazine translation) I wonder if he's shocked as well? Nakamaru did say he's shocked on the j-web or something....

I'm so shocked. I still can't believe it...... KAT-TUN as a 4 members group..... They used to say "roku nin" (6 people) blah blah during their concerts. Now they're only four. They used to say the six so proudly. I wish they'd stay as six.......

Anyway, I wish he's still in the entertainment industry because he's a good rapper (I can't believe I'm saying this). Although it'd be much better if he's still the rapper of KAT-TUN......

Chili Powder

I’ve been really lazy and sleepy lately. It’s long weekend and I’ve been watching the big bang theory. I’m in season 5 now! 
I went to the mall last Sunday to buy dog food. I had lunch at Ikkudo. I was craving for ikkudo for quite some time and I finally ate it! It’s my favourite buta kara ramen or something like that I forget lol. I just knew that their special spicy sauce is made of that japanese chili powder mixed with something which I don’t know because the tase of the powders was so strong.
Then I also bought Chatime! They still haven’t restocked the matcha so I had roasted milk tea with pudding.

October 12, 2013

Bro’s Wedding

Today was my step bro’s wedding! I don’t know if he’s considered as my step bro because we share the same father…. half bro? idk lol.
I was picked by my father up at around 5:30am and we go to the place of the ceremony and reception which was pretty far from my apt. I waited for a while to get my make up done. After like an hour or so it was finally my turn. I didn’t do my own make up so I’m not satisfied with the make up -_- My hair was made to Indonesian “modern” bun and I did look much much much older than a 19yo. Even my friend said I look really old -_- 
My outfits was cute though. I finally got to wear kebaya and it’s pink!!! I love it so much I wish it’s mine lol. I didn’t have the picture of me wearing it alone but I got one with my dad.
OMG I LOOK LIKE 30YO -_________-  and my eye eyes are just so wrong….. why the hell are they different with each other?? I’m definitely getting an eyelid surgery for my left eye when I’m older and rich enough to do so -_- I really hate looking at my face like I have two personalities because the right and left sides of my face are different -_-
I did nothing during the wedding ceremony but chatting my friends because it’s just sooooo boring. My bro’s mother was crying pretty hard that I wanted to laugh seeing her lol.
During the reception, I walked behind the parents of the bride and the groom altogether with my bro’s bros and his wife’s sisters. And my right contact lens fell off my eyes!!!! That’s so freaking annoying and I must definitely look super weird because I was blinking crazily because of it -_- The right one’s been such a bitch even since the ceremony, but why did it have to fell during the walking??? freaking bitch…..
Then I just went to the food stalls before it got too crowded. I ate chicken satay, kerupuk/shrimp crackers, and chocolate puddings -_- The food didn’t seem so appetizing so I only ate a little.
I didn’t really know anyone there but my father’s sister so I was with her during the ceremony. She had a job to do during the reception so I just wandering around myself. Some people greeted me though I don’t know who the hell they are -_- I also talked with some of my cousins because I really know no one there but them whom I still kinda remember them. There’s one that was close to me when I was a kid because he lived in my parents’ house. I’m the youngest of them all and all of them are graduated from uni already and I don’t really know what to talk. I talked with one whose hometown is Gresik though although I’ve never ever been close with him but I just really don’t have anyone to talk to and I was so fucking bored -_-
Then I was stuck with my bro’s mother’s sister. She just wouldn’t let go of me and keep talking -_- The talk was pretty boring I really wanted to leave her alone -_- But she’s somewhat guarding something outside and asked me to accompany her but it’s so fucking hot outside and I wish I could just stay inside the building…..
It’s finally over at 1pm but there’s still lots of guests till around 2pm. Then I changed my outfits back to my lovely what the frak t-shirt. However my father was still busy with his friends and didn’t wanna go home yet -_- I was told to stay in that group full of old people and I just couldn’t stand it so I just go to my bro and his friends. They’re only a few years older than me so it’s not such a pain to be around them and they’re all IT guys so it’s not so different with being with my friends or colleagues. 
Finally my father wanted to go home after all of his friends went home. But he wanted to buy something first and my hair was still in a bun so I had to remove all of the bobby pins on my hair and do ponytail because my hair was such a mess after un-bunned. i finally got home at around 4pm and erase all of the make up on my face and take a really looooong shower since my hair got hair sprayed a lot and it felt weird -_-

October 11, 2013


Tomorrow’s my step bro’s wedding and I bought shoes for the occasion! I actually wanted to buy white high heels because he said my outfits will be pink. Since I don’t know if it’s will be soft pink or hot pink so I decided to buy white one. 
But there’s no white heels that caught my attention so I decided to buy a pair of silver high heels that I wanted to buy months ago but just not so sure.
I actually like the black one better but I have two black high heels already so I decided to go for the silver one as I didn’t have silver high heels yet. When I was walking to the cashier, I saw a cute pink-gold high heels and it’s love at first sight so I bought it as well LOL
So I bought two pairs in the end and they’re super cheap!!!! 
The silver one’s really cute. It got half-bow on the side~