September 23, 2013

White Hunter - Sniper Steak, The Perfect Steak

I had dinner at White Hunter last Saturday and I ate the yummiest softest most delicious juiciest steak I’ve ever had. It’s called the Sniper Steak. 
I ordered it medium rare but I think it’s too rare to be a medium rare but it turned out to be the perfect steak and I’ll always order a rare steak from now on! No wonder why my ex english teacher who’s a foreigner likes a rare steak and she wondered why Indonesians like their steaks to be well done. My father always orders his in well done and my mother order hers medium or medium well. The first time I ate a steak was a medium well one because my mother also ordered the medium well one and I didn’t really understand about the cooked level back then. After my ex english teacher mentioned about it I started to wonder about the “juicy” feeling and I started ordering medium rare steak as I was still afraid to try the rare one because it’s still red and not so cooked although I’m a fan of sushi. The medium rare one was satisfying enough for me but after this sniper steak I had I guess I wouldn’t enjoy my steak anymore unless I order it rare which is the perfect steak lol.
I also ordered mozarella or cheese sticks (I forget the name) and it’s delicious as well. But nothing can beat the yummy sniper steak on that table lol.

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