September 14, 2013

This is Friendship

When I and my friends had dinner at latjada or something, the thai restaurant, R ordered cassava something. I don’t like cassava so I didn’t eat it. C also doesn’t like it. Then R was somewhat protesting because we didn’t tell about it at first. I didn’t even know C doesn’t like cassava as well. When R told us why didn’t we say it before we ordered blah blah blah then C answered “this is friendship” or something meaning like that. Then till we finished eating, we used that phrase quite a lot while we were talking blah blah blah lol. Then we took pictures but I wasn’t satisfied with any of the pictures so I took it again with my phone but T already got up from the chair so she’s not in the picture and then C just said the pic of 3 of us is “real friendship” and the pics of 4 of us are friendship only lol. So I made the picture based on those somehow funny story………I kinda sound like ted in how i met your mother -_-

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