September 15, 2013

The Wedding

I’m so tired and so sleepy -_- My professor’s wedding was yesterday and I was one of the dancers. Yeah they used dancers on a wedding.
I didn’t ride my car because I didn’t wanna go to the campus first to pick the others up and also go back to the campus after the wedding to send them home -_- So I rode the BRT! Bus rapid transit aka transjakarta. I think it’s the second or third time for me to ride it… I almost got into the wrong bus but I luckily went back fast enough. There was no sign at all to differ the bus from different route -_- Luckily I asked the employee there -_- I took a pic while waiting for the bus because it was like 5 min but felt so loooong and I was bored -_- 
I also wanted to take a pic when I was on the bus but it was pretty crowded so I didn’t. And there were some people who were selling stuffs on the way to the bus station and I was kinda surprised because the last time I rode it there’s no such things. 
I thought I was late as the traffic wasn’t so good. And I didn’t get to sit on the bus so I was standing for the whole time and it was so shaky and the driver pushed the brake quite often and so sudden that I almost fell a few times even though I’ve hold on the holder or whatever it’s called. The building of the reception wasn’t so far from the bus station where I stopped by, it was only 2 or 3 buildings away so I didn’t have to walk far away as it was soooo hot although it was raining later this night.
So the dancers danced during the opening of the reception, when they bride would meet the groom. There’s 3 girls and 3 boys for the dancers. The girls got the groom and the boys got the bride and we met them up. During the practice earlier this afternoon, I didn’t really remember the dance and so did one of the girl so we were so terrible. When finally one other girl came, the one who knew the most of the dance, we could finally dance much much better. I made a few mistakes during the dance but I think the audiences didn’t know. I thought we, the dancers, wouldn’t be really watched and the attention would focus to the groom and the bride, but we were watched so I kinda happy lol. I’m indeed a leo and a B.
I didn’t have breakfast or lunch so I was so hungry and I put a lot of food on my plate lol. I like the chicken cordon bleu the most.
aaaaaand here’s a pic with the bride which is my professor~ but I look chubby here ;____;

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