September 14, 2013

The Event

I have nothing to do so I’m writing about the event last week.
So I went to  the campus one day before the event. There’s no practice anymore. We had technical meeting for the event and then a short briefing for the play. Most of them were staying for a night at the people’s place near the campus because we had to get up at about 3am since we had morning GR, but I didn’t, I wouldn’t.
I went back home in the afternoon. I went to the mall actually, to but the things for the day, like the makeup remover, the makeup, cottons, tissues, and such. And snacks! We were pretty hungry during the rehearsal on Tuesday so I decided to buy lots of snacks for us because our play was scheduled at night and we had to be there since super early in the morning. I’ve loved buying groceries, especially snacks. I went crazy when I was in snack sections and I put so many snacks on the trolley lol. It’s for more than 20 people so I thought it’s okay to buy a lot. I bought mostly snacks that I’ve seen others bringing it to the practice. Since I never bought anything during the practice and just eat others’, so I decided to buy the snacks for the day. 
I met two of my colleagues on the mall. I wondered why weren’t there on the venue because some of them were preparing the venue since the night before the event. 
I went home at almost 8pm and I didn’t really remember what I did on that night. I fell asleep till my mom came home at around 9:30pm or something. I woke up and I prepared for the next day. My nails were black so I removed the polish and apply the light blue polish for the play. I did some other beauty related things for the play. I finished them all at around 1am or something and I had to wake up at 2am since I want to wake the others on 3am. So I didn’t sleep, I watched some parts of sexy zone concert instead lol. I did need to do that so I’ll have the energy for the day.
I went to my colleague’s place near the campus at almost 3am. The road was so empty so it only take a little time to get there. I went to their room without knocking but asking them are they all awake already and such. One of them was taking a bath and didn’t notice I was there already so he came out from the bathroom only wearing the shorts and he noticed me quite late so he freaked out and his reaction was so funny lol. 
Finally we went to the venue at around 4am but I was lost again so people in car was pretty late as our time for the rehearsal was 5am. But the sound people still hadn’t finished doing their things and the GR was late and we had to wait for the band to do their rehearsal first. The person who was supposed to be the narrator was super late and turned my mood pretty bad. Because we had to do check the spotlight and the other lightings and such and she’s the one who’d be shot by the spotlight. Then we finally did the rehearsal at around 6:30am which was seriously way too late for the rehearsal. There’s a problem with the dubbing. The voices didn’t come out, only the music did. So while waiting the person to buy minijack or something because it’s broken or something, we talked the dialogues on our own. Luckily I didn’t forget my parts at all. It was only part 2 when we were told to stop the rehearsal because the guest star had arrived and want to do the sound check. So we only got to rehearse the one part and a half, no, a quarter -_- We hadn’t rehearsed for the dance as well. So we went to the room where the activists put all of their things there and did a little practice for the dance there.
I drank energy drink earlier because there’s some things that I had to do as the person in charge of the play and I also want to help my colleague who’s my coordinator because I knew how stressful to be one on the day of the event. Most of the people who’d play for the play were sleeping as they didn’t sleep the night before. I’ve told them to sleep on the night but they didn’t, whatever.
I called one of the member of my division who was supposed to bring the copies of rundown of the event because my colleague who’s my coor needed it and he hadn’t arrived yet. Then I also companied one of the invited guest from the japanese club. I talked about the club because I’m also a member of that club. But he seemed to wanna watch the movie that was being played so I excused myself rather than disturbing him with my nonstop talk -_- Then I checked the backstage because no one was there while all of our things for the play were there so I wait there till someone come. Then I was just wandering around and check if there’s anything that I could help. I met one of the boys that I met during the expo in front of the club’s room. We talked quite a while because I was bored and he asked whether they can go home early before the event end or not and I definitely opposed that idea because our play and our dance were the final shows of the event so I wouldn’t let anyone to not see our 2 months hard work of going to the campus early in the morning and going home at night for six days a week and I lost 90% of my holiday -_- I requested a box of mineral water for the members of the play and I forgot was it the bottled one or the glass one so I called my colleague who’s the coor of consumption division but the signal was so freaking bad so somehow it took quite a long time only to get that -_-
I mostly spent my time on the backstage, eating the snacks and drink more energy drink as I get kinda sleepy. We started doing the makeup at 2am and our play was scheduled at almost 7pm. But there’s 16 people who had to get their makeup done and luckily we finished the makeup one hour before the play. One of my classmate also went to the event as the representative from softball club so I went outside to say hi to him before I got my super tacky makeup done. And my makeup somehow made me look like an evil person, because of the eyeshadow perhaps -_- and the blush on were super red super noticeable and I hoped they weren’t seen on the stage from the audience view. It’s not really shown in this pic though…. I look so chubby though…………. ;_____;
About 15min before the play we did that praying together or whatever it’s called. I got the chance to talk! I always got the chance to talk before or after the practice actually…but it’s finally the day and I thought the seniors would talk instead. I said things like just do our best, don’t be nervous, don’t freak out, if someone mess their parts up just act naturally and cover it or whatever, and such. I felt glad that I could say those things as it’s like finally we were going to the battle that we’d prepared since July. I was happy that they did their best as well.
One of the senior who also played on the play was still nervous even though it’s the second time she played for the play. It wasn’t as bad as last year though. Most of us were somehow excited to do the play. I was glad. It definitely was much better rather than most of them were nervous and freak out -_-  
The person who was in charge for my costume was really late because her flight was delayed and I made some changes for the day but luckily I had enough time to explain it all to her before the play. So my costumes were originally only one set on the right side and the rest were on the left side, but the room on the left side where I did the changing on the rehearsal on Tuesday was used by other performers so I put my costumes all on the right side but for the last part because there’s no time if I changed on the right side. I also asked one of the seniors who was in charged of other’s costume but didn’t have anything to do for the last part just in case the person who’s in charge of my costume couldn’t make it, but she did and I was so relieved!
I kinda messed up my part. There’s the part which I was supposed to hit another character and my books fell to the floor. But I walked too late and the dubbing already reached that part so it was like a total fail -_- I still regret it till now ;______; The rest were okay though I’m not really satisfied. I did my best….
I was also glad that one particular member who sometimes got nervous all of sudden didn’t collapse on the stage. He did collapsed on the backstage like 20 or 30 min before the play though because he see lots of audiences. Luckily I’m a leo, a B, a dog, a fire, so I love being in the center of attention LOL.
I was quite sad though since the only thing that I was afraid for the play did kinda happen. I was afraid that I couldn’t give the impression like my senior who played a character similar to mine which the audiences were supposed go “kyaaaaaa” because seeing a girl on the stage because most of the IT students are boys. It only happened once when on my first dialogue. I’m still kinda sad because of it. The other girl who played the character not to be kyaaa-ed was actually got kyaaaa-ed. I think it’s because she’s one of the freshmen coordinator so she knows some of them, while I’m not so I don’t know anyone but those 3 boys. So saaadddd I wanted to get “kyaaaa”ed as well -_- I’m indeed a leo, a b, a dog, and a fire -_- 
I didn’t really notice the lighting though as I was so concentrated while playing my character. I hope it went well and I think it did go well. There’s one follow spot light, the main stage lighting, and that colorful lighting. 
Then as for the dance, we were told we had 15 minutes to change our clothes and prepare for the dance after the play. We were rushing at the backstage and we only had one room in the backstage because the other room was used by other performers. Meanwhile the girls had to change our black stockings to nude colored stockings and that room was packed with guys but we had no time anymore so whatever. 
The girls went on the stage first for the opening. G who’s actually the back up dancer finally performed the dance because W who’s in charge of my costume didn’t have time to have her make up done as when she arrived we were only 10 minutes before the play. They played the wrong music so we just froze there for like 5 minutes till the right music was played -_- When I saw the others did nothing so I did nothing as well and just sit waiting for the music. I was supposed to be cool for the dance but I don’t know if my expression showed it or not, I hope it did. I heard the name of the character that I played for the play was shouted so I kinda happy because of it LOL. I saw the colleagues in front of me were excited to see us and they were like so supporting us lol kinda make me happy as well.
Then when it’s the boys part, the girls went down from the stage and we literally run from the backstage to in front of the stage to see the super sexy gay dance from the boys lol. I told one of them that I’d be in front of him to support him so he wouldn’t be in bad mood so I ran from the right side from the back to the left side which was pretty far because I had to run behind the audiences lol, it was worth it though LOL. 
Then I went back to the backstage to remove my super tacky make up and did my usual super simple makeup again which was only compact powder and eyeliner makeup. Then I and a few others cleaned the backstage and there were so many disgusting cottons which were used to remove the makeup and they just put it there. Ewwwwww. Most of them just left the backstage to take pictures after they removed their makeup. damn. I wished they clean and gathered all of their things first from the backstage then come out later. And it made me kinda angry -_-
Then after I finished cleaning the room and gather all my things I look for the others and told them to gather their things on the backstage and such and I talked with other activists that I hadn’t really talked to because I was quite busy on the backstage. 
The event ended at around 9pm and there’s some people who talked and talked and talked afterwards. Some of them went to a place nearby that opens till midnight but I was definitely prefer to go home and sleep so I went home at almost around 10pm, 10:30pm perhaps. I forget. 
It was one of the big events that the org held and I was happy to be a part of it even though I used to hate it quite often because of the 6 days a week practice from morning to night and the others were just not cooperative enough -_- It’s definitely a worthy experience and great memories. Me from a year ago wouldn’t definitely think that I could be a part of something like this or be like this as the way I lived was somewhat different from me right now. The thing that I regret is only that I wish I was more active during my junior high or high school days.

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