September 1, 2013


I wonder why am I always sleepy lately…. I sleep enough yet I’m just still way toooo sleepy. 
Yesterday’s practice was actually quite fun, because we did the makeup as well. Next Thursday will be the day of the event I’m starting to get nervous that everything’s will turn wrong -_- Like one of the actors/actresses will freak out before going to the stage, faint on the stage, not enough time to change the costume, wrong follow spot light, wrong lighting, messed makeup, fall on the stage for those girls who wear high heels. Since I’m the “person in charge” of the play I’m worried by these kind of things, not because I’ll do the play in front of like a thousand people. Well, I’m a leo, B, and a dog after all. lol. I love being the center of attention~ Butttt for those things, even though I don’t do much as a pic, because somehow the seniors just take over it without discussing things with me first….so….I still am worried for those things…. because I’m somehow the one responsible for the play -_- 
So the makeup…….was really embarrassing -_- Since it’s for a play so the makeup wasn’t like everyday makeup at all. It’s much more thick and much more lame soooo tacky -_- 
I applied the foundation first but it still looked that I didn’t use it at all. Meanwhile, the others look so different already because the colours of the foundation and their skin tone were pretty different. So I asked my friend who apparently was somewhat like me because both of our faces were somehow so light that the foundation was the same colour with our faces. We applied really really really thick, yet the colour still the same with our face so we just just gave up lol. The seniors wanted us to apply lots of foundation till the colour of our faces contrast to our skin tone, but….it failed on my face and my friend’s. lol. Both of us looked just like our usual face… I even asked my senior who applied the powder to me, did you apply it or not because when I looked on my face, it was still like my usual face, I could see the powder though as it was quite thick lol.
So this was my zombie face before turning to super tacky lame face
I also applied it on my neck and upper chest but I used to much energy on doing it and my skin turned red -_-
and….the disaster….the tacky makeup……a big no no I’ll never wear this kind of makeup ever again, but for the day of the event -_-
I hate red lipstick and the blue eyeshadow just didn’t fit there -_- I won’t be using the blue eyeshadow though since it’s somehow not match with my character and this one was done by my senior which is pretty close to me and she did the shading wrong and just let it be and my nose looked crooked wtf -_____-

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