September 1, 2013

Sunday Funday

I went to the campus today on my own will! It’s quite awesome for me since I’ve hated the org for quite a while because they’re stealing my holiday and make me go to the campus almost everyday from morning till evening. But today’s the last day of student organizations and clubs expo of this year so I went there on my own! I actually had wanted to go there since the first expo weeks ago but I was too exhausted because of the practice everyday and I just wanted to sleep till the afternoon at least one day a week lol. But since today’s the last and this misery will end soon so I sacrifice the chance to rest today and go to the campus instead.
When I arrived to the classroom, there were several people already. And I helped one of them who was writing on the whiteboard. I lent her the pink marker that I bought several days ago, and the whiteboard were written by pink and black markers which is the colour combination that I like the most lol. Though it kinda made the org seemed girly while most of the activists are male. My job for today was to serve those freshmen who wanted to buy the tickets for the event where the play will be played.
Since I’m also an activist of a club so I went to the room of that club as well. There were only a few other activists there and I only knew one person since I haven’t really been active for the club. I went there several times, and I was even asked by one of the activists if I wanna join the club because he didn’t know me lol. There was a few freshmen who were standing in front of the door of that club’s room and they weren’t sure to join or not. So I approached them and ask them to join the club. They were asking what’s the club doing and such and I was really glad that I was asked to do the club presentation a few weeks ago so I know pretty well about the club generally though I couldn’t answer some specific questions like those gaming terms which I just don’t know at all lol. One of them was really interested and he joined after I explained about the club. Yay! 
Then I went back to the org room since I didn’t really have things to do on that club room but promoting the club as always. I think my job is doing promotion for ever and ever -_- aaaaand I was told to join those who would go around the campus while chanting the org’s chant, promoting the event and such. It was sooooo embarrassing and tiring to go around the campus though there were quite a lot of us. It was really fun though! I met the freshmen who were interested in the club when I and the others passed by that club room. Then whenever we were in front of other’s club/org rooms, they would shout their club/org name as well it was so funny and fun lol so we just shouted their names as well so we wouldn’t seem selfish by being so loud lol. It was really fun though I wish I could do it again lol perhaps next year! 

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