September 13, 2013


Since I parked my car at PS so I went back to PS with T as her dad picked her up there. I went to a SPM (supermarket) to buy dog food and toothpaste. But I couldn’t find the dog food that my dog likes so I go to the other supermarket. And I found it. It may not the best dog food out there, but my dog likes it.
Then I went to the hair product section to see the hair dyes available there. I think I’ll buy this one for my next hair color… won’t come out exactly like the color on the box though…. the syoss 10-0 extra light ash blonde. I’ll definitely stick with ash colour this time so my hair won’t go red/orange/brassy again -_-
But I’m also interested with the Freshlight Passion Blond though…. but I’m afraid it’s too yellow……or it’ll turn my hair orange again….but I think it’s more to yellow…..
and I’m still fascinated by this!
The mega marshmallow!!! It’s so big I think it’ll definitely be good for s’mores. Yummmy! But it’s just sooooooo expensive and I definitely won’t buy it unless someone give it to me -_-

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