September 2, 2013

Sexy Rose

I’m too tired to do the vlog challenge yesterday so I guess I’ll just do it today at night. Well it’s midnight already and I think I should be sleeping right now as I have to wake up early again today for the last practice and we’ll have GR tomorrow. 
Anyway, I went to spa yesterday afternoon, right from the campus, and it felt so good. Finally I had a spa again after such a long time.
Then I went to GI with my mom, because I needed to buy this!
LOL. There was two designs available.
The other one was dragon and I didn’t really like it. This one’s rose and I obviously like it since I’m into sexy zone right now. Yeah, sexy rose! lol. I’m lending this to be used for the play as well, then I’ll have it to me for…..idk…random craziness? lol.

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