September 28, 2013

Sea World

I went to Sea World yesterday with my classmates. We we planning this since last Tuesday during the entrepreneurship class lol. It’s because E somehow wanted to go to Sea World to see fish so we just decided to go there on Thursday but A couldn’t so we went on Friday instead. But D couldn’t join us on Friday because he had a meeting on the afternoon. The funny thing is K didn’t know that we were going to Sea World because when we told him, he was half asleep during the class lol. And because R had to go home with K so he was brought to the Sea World as well lol. K and R kinda didn’t wanna go to Sea World but E, A, and I insisted to go there so we went there at the end lol.
We arrived at around 12pm. We did nothing but see the fish lol. There were so many fish, the very big fish and very little fish.
We took a pic in front of the first tank but the result is dark……
Then we took a pic once again using the flash but the result looks like a super fake photoshopped photo -_-
There’s also a piranha tank there and I think it’s the first time I saw it. I used a feature on my phone so I could take pics using both back and front cameras at the same time but the front camera couldn’t catch the light enough so I asked my other friend to use his camera flash on his phone to light us lol.
We could touch some fish directly on the touch pool but I didn’t brave enough to touch some sharks and stingrays and starfish. But I touched the sea turtle which was kinda freaky as well because of its weird texture -_- I also fed the sea turtles as well during their feeding time though. This pic’s when my friend pick the starfish up…..
Then we went to the tunnel under the biggest tank there. There’s soooooo many fish in that tank and most of them were very big. And they actually appeared 30% smaller than their actual size because of the thick glass. So they must be really really big o.O
A very big stingray……..
with a super friendly face lol
Then we watched the sharks feeding time. The audiences sat in front of the tank and it took a while till the feeder finally got into the tank so i took a pic with A first lol.
and finally…….!
There were also tanks made up from car and telephone booth which were so unique.
There’s also this scary freaky spooky crab spider or something I forget the name -_-
There’s also a tank filled with cute little fish though~
but there’s also a tank filled with mega sized fish which I don’t know what fish are those….
There’s also a tank named ex-quarium. I don’t know why though.
We also watched the dugong feeding time….

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